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Transferring Credits

Use TIS (for UW system schools) or OTIS (for private schools) for the transfer agreements between UW Oshkosh and other schools to see how your CAPP classes will transfer:

CAPP Credit Recognition

The Credit Recognition Sheet is a compilation of colleges and universities that have specifically recognized UW Oshkosh credits earned through CAPP. This is not an all-inclusive list nor does it guarantee automatic recognition. This is based on annual surveys by previous CAPP students and colleges our office has contacted. This list will continue to be updated.

Need to request an official transcript or know if credits will transfer?

Placement Exams

Policies vary by College if they require you to still take a Placement Exam if you are transferring in that course. Please contact the Admissions Office at the University you wish to attend to verify their policy.

Foreign Language

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