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Placement Testing

If you are taking Writing 101 and/or your first UWO Math class (Math 108, 109, or 171), you must complete the online placement exam.


Basic Info:


  • All placement exams are online (for the first attempt).
  • All exams are timed at 90 minutes. All questions are multiple choice.
  • An on-screen calculator is provided for the Math Placement test, do not use your own.
  • Retakes or appeals are available (depending on the class) if you don’t meet the minimum scores.
  • Testing Accommodations are available (see bottom of the page).

NetID Set-up


If you’ve taken CAPP before, you already have a password and can go right to placement sign up below.

New CAPP students, you must set up your NetID Password in order to sign up for placement (and future course registration). Part of the process includes the Microsoft Authenticator app. Downloading the app may not be possible at your school (because of weak signal or school network security), so plan ahead. The correct authenticator uses this logo in the app store:
A blue logo with a stylized image of a padlock. Within the padlock is a stylized image of a person's head and torso.

Follow along with this video, or these instructions:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you click the above link on a mobile device, you may be prompted to download the Atlassian app. You do NOT need this app and only the Microsoft Authenticator is required for logging in. The correct app has this logo: A blue logo with a stylized image of a padlock. Within the padlock is a stylized image of a person's head and torso.

Placement Test Sign Up

Once your NetID is ready to use, you can sign up for the placement test. Follow the instructions in this document:

Click here to open Placement Test Sign Up Instructions


Math Placement Policies and Scoring

1. Students may take the Math Placement Exam a total of 4 times (up to 3 retakes)
2. Students must wait at least 7 days in between each attempt.
3. The Math Placement Exam is 90 minutes. An on-screen calculator is provided for the online exam. Do not use your own calculator.
4. The test places students at a variety of levels (from remedial to Calculus), so it is normal if you don’t know some of the answers.

Retakes: After your first attempt (online), all retakes must be taken in person at a UW Campus. You are responsible for scheduling your own retake. Retakes are only available while the testing center is open, which is usually during the day on weekdays. Not all locations offer placement services so you may need to travel outside your area. It’s best to plan retakes during the summer, since these factors will conflict with your school schedule.
If you want to retake the exam at UWO, call Testing Services at 920-424-1432 to schedule an appointment. The cost to retake at UWO is $15. The cost at other locations may be different.

The Math Placement Exam has three subscores, Math Fundamentals (MFND), Advanced Algebra (AALG), and Trigonometry and Geometry (TAG). You must meet all subscores in a single attempt. The maximum score in all categories is 850. Here are the minimum scores needed for different classes:

Math 108 (Pre-Calc) 466 150 150
Math 109 (Stats)* 401 461 150
Math 171 (Calc I) 466 536 556

*If your AALG score is below 461 but your MFND score is at least 466, you can still take Math 109.

It will take a week or two for your test to be scored. Scores will be shared with your teacher, who should then share them with you.

English Placement Policies and Scoring

English uses a single score to assign placement. The minimum score on the exam is 350 (max score is 850).

We will share your results with your CAPP teacher, and they should tell you your scores. Scores may take a week or two to be shared.

There are NO RETAKES of the English Placement exam. If you do not place into Writing 101 but still want to take it for UWO credit, you’ll need to submit a placement appeal form together with samples of your writing. Email the CAPP Office to request the appeal form (


You must request any testing accommodations BEFORE signing up for the test.

BEFORE signing up for the test, email the following information to Tim O’Connor at
1. Name
1. Email address you will use for placement testing registration
2. Date of birth
3. Campus you are planning to attend (CAPP students say UW Oshkosh)
4. Accommodations being requested
5. Documentation verifying the disability and need for the accommodations. This should be either a letter on high school letterhead from your counselor or someone else at the school familiar with your accommodations stating what those accommodations have been for tests such as the ACT or a current 504 plan or IEP (Individualized Education Plan). The 504 plan or IEP must be from within the last three years.

This process is completed electronically, so it is very important to list an accurate email address and one that you will check regularly.

Contact Us

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UW Oshkosh CAPP

Hours: M–F 7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

New location: Swart 128 (within COLS Dean's Suite)

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