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CAPP tuition is based upon the number of credit hours taken and is established annually by the UW System per policy GAPP 36. Your high school is notified of tuition charges well in advance of each academic year, and depending on your high school’s policy you may also be responsible for the purchase of any required textbooks for your course. Check with your school to determine the cost for which you may be responsible.

Current tuition rates

Tuition is calculated based on the number of credits for each course. The credit value for each course can be seen on the course list. Tuition is $105/credit. If your child receives free or reduced lunch, please contact your high school about the possibility of lower tuition costs. CAPP tuition is paid to your high school, please check with the high school office about specific due dates and policies.

Note: There is no cost to complete the online application to UW Oshkosh (required to register for courses). We strongly encourage students considering taking CAPP to apply for admission online.

Cost Comparison (3 Credits)

Three Credit Course without Room and Board

  • Marquette: $3,225
  • UW-Madison: $1,358
  • UW Oshkosh: $802
  • CAPP: $300

Cost Comparison (One Semester)

4 CAPP Courses in High School vs 1 Semester on College Campus

  • Marquette: $28,330
  • St. Norbert: $25,271
  • MSOE: $24,144
  • UW-Madison: $11,056
  • UW-Milwaukee: $10,111
  • UW-Eau Claire: $8,250
  • UW-La Crosse: $7,915
  • UW Oshkosh: $7,535
  • CAPP: $1,200

Contact Us

Phone: (920) 424-3003
Fax: (920) 424-3125

UW Oshkosh CAPP

Hours: M–F 7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

New location: Swart 128 (within COLS Dean's Suite)

Mailing Address

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
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