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Become an Instructor

Plan ahead! Submit your application in plenty of time, during the academic year, to allow for all levels of approval before you plan to teach. You should allow for approximately two months to complete the approval process and additional time to have your orientation with your liaison and finalize the curriculum before teaching the course.

Applications received over the summer will slower to process and may not be approved in time to teach for the fall semester.  We will do what we can to get the process done as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee. Please contact us with any questions.

CAPP courses are college-level courses, so departments use the same criteria to evaluate proposals from prospective instructors of these courses as used to hire faculty to teach courses on the UW Oshkosh campus.

Apply Online

Apply online using our unique CAPPlink site:

***NOTE: The Math Department is reviewing adjunct applications for a limited number of open spaces. The Department is close to capacity with current instructors.

In the application, you will be required to upload copies of the following:

  • Official undergraduate transcript
  • Official graduate transcript
  • Resume
  • And sample syllabi for each course you intend to teach

You will also enter your Principal’s information, after which they will be sent a link to submit their recommendation letter for your application.


Teachers with a master’s degrees or higher in their subject area are eligible to teach college CAPP courses. Upon approval by the UW Oshkosh academic department/program, a teacher will be appointed as an adjunct instructor at the University and work cooperatively with professors to implement the college course(s).

Teachers with a master’s degrees out of subject area with 18 graduate credits in their subject area are also are eligible to teach college CAPP courses. Teachers without 18 graduate credits in their subject are still encouraged to apply as the CAP Program can help to defray the cost of additional graduate credits required for federal/HLC compliance.  Additionally, some teachers without their 18 graduate credits in subject area may meet individual department’s “tested experience” pathway towards full adjunct status.  Tested experience pathways take into consideration the educator’s breadth and depth of experiences outside of the classroom, in real-world situations, that are relevant to your discipline.  These pathways are defined by each department in a fashion unique to the subject area.

For teachers without a master’s degree, UW Oshkosh offers several courses and programs to help achieve content-related graduate credits. Teachers cannot be fully approved to teach without a Master’s Degree. Any exceptions to this are noted in the adjunct eligibility requirements linked below.

View department CAPP adjunct eligibility requirements.

Click here for graduate credit options that are approved by our program.

Need a Master’s degree or additional graduate credits? Check out our MSE graduate program.

*Teachers must be partnered with a high school in Wisconsin or in the Lakes region of Illinois to be eligible to teach with CAPP.*

Send Any Paper Application Materials to:

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