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CAPP Ambassadors 

What does a CAPP Ambassador do?

CAPP Ambassadors are faculty members on campus at UW Oshkosh. Our Ambassadors represent a range of majors and specialties here, and they are prepared to share how students’ CAPP classes can help position them for success here on campus. Ambassadors are trained to give information on their specific majors, as well as general information about future careers in their field, the campus, and how to navigate college through the lens of the UW Oshkosh experience. 

    Meet the team!

    Dr. Shannon Davis-Foust

    Dr. Shannon Davis-Foust

    CAPP Ambassador, Biology

    I currently teach in Biology and the Environmental Studies program at UWO and advise the Student Environmental Action Coalition and new Sustainable Beekeeping club. My main insterests and hobbies are related to sustainability and environmental health, and I am known for my passion for teaching environmental topics. After working for the Wisconsin DNR for 12 years and earning my Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at UW-Milwaukee, I came back to UWO. UW Oshkosh is my alma mater for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

    I am honored to be an Ambassador of the CAPP program to represent all the advantages it has to offer.  There is no other program that helps students get through college more efficiently.  As a testament, my two sons are presently enrolled in CAPP courses. In addition to CAPP, I would be glad to share information about many other aspects of UWO, such as pathways to degrees and certifications, student research, travel abroad, student clubs, opportunities to serve on boards and committees, student grant writing, independent studies, internships, workstudy programs, and many more positive experiences to help students succeed at their careers.

    Dr. Beth A. Johnson

    Dr. Beth A. Johnson

    CAPP Ambassador, Geology

    My name is Dr. Beth A. Johnson and I teach Geology at UWO-Fox Cities Campus in Menasha. As a geologist, I get to study and teach about the Earth, how it formed, how it is changing, and different life forms that developed on it. So I get to teach about fossils, volcanoes, glaciers, earthquakes, and so much more! I love how my career allows me to travel to the most beautiful, amazing landscapes and try to solve the puzzle of how these landscapes were created. I’ve had the great fortune of doing fieldwork in places like Yellowstone National Park, Isle Royale National Park, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My area of expertise in geology is Quaternary Geology, which means I study glacial landforms here in the upper Midwest, so Wisconsin is a great place for me to be as a geologist. But I also have a degree in Earth Science Education, a valuable degree for a person working at a teaching emphasis institution like UWO-Fox Cities Campus.

    I’m looking forward to working with students and teachers interested in and participating in the CAPP program because I love sharing my passion for Earth Sciences and because I want students to know more about the high quality, affordable education they can get by starting their college careers at UWO-Fox Cities Campus. Many students who are earning CAPP credits are doing so because they want a challenge and because they want to start earning college credits for a significantly reduced cost. Students who transition from the CAPP program to campuses like UWO-Fox Cities and UWO-Fond du Lac can continue to take advantage of lower, affordable tuition rates while they are getting individualized attention from instructors that specialize in the quality of their teaching. These are fantastic ways to help students get through college with less (if any) student loan debt.

    But another reason I’m looking forward to working with CAPP students is because I, too, wanted academic challenges when I was a high school student and sought out more intensive learning opportunities. I already knew I wanted to be a geologist by the time I was a sophomore in high school and wanted to start preparing for that path, so I had to fight my school district to be allowed to take correspondence courses in geology. But with the CAPP program, students don’t have to fight for these opportunities because their schools and teachers are already offering them! This is a great way to help nurture the desire for learning and help to create a community of lifelong learners.

    Dr. Michael Jurmu

    Dr. Michael Jurmu

    CAPP Ambassador, Geography

    I have been teaching at the UWO-Fond du Lac Access Campus since 1999 after completing my Ph.D. from Indiana State University. I also have a Master’s Degree in Geography from the University of Connecticut and Secondary Education Degree from Northern Michigan University. My original research interest was understanding the difference in morphology between alluvial and wetland streams, but this has shifted more toward geographic education. I was the former UW Colleges Service-Learning Coordinator (2012-13) and was the recipient of the 2012 Alliant Energy Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Award.

    Many believe GEOGRAPHY is just memorizing state capitals; but it’s NOT. I teach Physical Geography which is more like an Earth Science course! I teach a variety of courses like Weather & Climate and Natural Disasters. I also have a variety of students who have diverse abilities and I try to get them all to succeed in their academic goals! This means being able to provide a variety of learning experiences for them. A projects students conduct in one of my courses is a Service-Learning activity with the youth at two local Boys & Girls Club. In another project, I have been working with the Teacher of the Year in Utah to have his 6th graders interact with my college students on different exercises. Not only is this beneficial for my students, but it also inspires these inner-city kids to think about going to college!

    I am honored to be a CAPP Ambassador to help encourage these students to continue their education in the UWO system and experience the wonderful opportunities each of our campuses offer. I hope to see you soon (perhaps on campus!)

    Lisa Marchetta

    Lisa Marchetta

    CAPP Ambassador, College of Education and Human Services

    My name is Lisa Marchetta and I am a state-trained, master-mentor teacher with ten years of experience at the secondary level and eight years at the post-secondary level. I obtained my bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and my master’s degree from National University of La Jolla, California. Before moving to the state of Wisconsin, I taught at Lady’s Island Middle School, Hilton Head Island High School, and the Technical College of the Lowcountry in the beautiful state of South Carolina. I am currently a lecturer in the Reading and Study Skills Center within the College of Education and Human Services at UWO. In addition to teaching study skills courses, I supervise student teachers and teach the class that bridges the gap between being an English major and a teacher.

    I am passionate about CAPP because I’ve taught in the program (my first year living in WI!), witnessed its impact on students and seen the many benefits it affords. Now that I am a CAPP ambassador, I hope to ignite a passion for the program in students and eventually see them sitting in my classes at UWO!

    Dr. Kristine Nicolini

    Dr. Kristine Nicolini

    CAPP Ambassador, Journalism

    I chose to become a CAPP Ambassador because I enjoy working with students to help themdiscover a creative career path they will love. The CAPP program empowers students to explorediverse interests while benefiting from earning college credits and preparing to successfullytransition to college. Having paid for my own college education, I appreciate the many benefits theCAPP program provides to help students get a head start on achieving their goals.

    My academic and professional background includes strategic communication, marketing and digitalmedia. My bachelor’s degree is in public relations and marketing and my master’s degree is in masscommunication from Marquette University. My doctorate is in communication from the University ofWisconsin – Milwaukee. I currently teach a variety of public relations and interactive webmanagement classes at UW Oshkosh. With over 15 years of professional experience in publicrelations, strategic marketing, and corporate communication, I have helped shape the marketing andstrategic communication initiatives of Fortune 500 companies and non-profit/educationalorganizations. My professional experience encompasses agency, corporate, and non-profitenvironments.

    On the personal side, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Nick and our two kids exploring ourbeautiful state. My daughter is beginning the process of exploring colleges and, as a parent, I canappreciate the many questions families have regarding this important decision. I look forward to connecting with you!

    Dr. Wendy Potratz

    Dr. Wendy Potratz

    CAPP Ambassador, College of Business, Accounting

    Promoting the importance of education and lifelong learning has been a passion of mine throughout my 30+ years of teaching in higher education and even before that! As a participant in the CAPP program way back when I was in high school and then through my own children as they took several classes in CAPP to help them to earn credit for college, I have experienced the benefits of this program in providing a strong educational base, improving learning skills, and building the self-confidence that is an essential part of reaching our educational goals.

    I am currently a full-time member of the Accounting Department at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and teach courses on financial, government and not-for-profit accounting at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I hold a number of professional certifications including CPA, CMA and CGFM. I enjoy working with students through our professional organizations and serve as the Faculty Advisor to the UWO Accounting Club and Beta Alpha Psi. As a member of Wisconsin Institute of CPAs Educational Foundation, I have presented at that organization’s WICPA High School Instructors Symposium held in Madison Wisconsin annually each November. In 2016, I received the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs Educator Award for my work in higher education.

    Research has shown that students who discover academic interests in high school and college are better prepared for satisfying careers. Through my position as a CAPP Ambassador, I plan to work with our CAPP support team to continue the great work done within this program and to move forward with new creative opportunities designed to increase interest in and access to higher education for our Wisconsin high school students.

    Tim Wren, DNP

    Tim Wren, DNP

    CAPP Ambassador, Nursing

    I have a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in Forensic nursing from University of Tennessee, A Master of Science degree in Cardiovascular and cardiac rehabilitation from Rush University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Union College in Nursing.

    I have been a staff CV nurse, a critical care nurse, a critical care educator for a large Midwestern teaching hospital, a critical care CNS for an inner city Chicago hospital, a legal nurse consultant, a staff PACU nurse and an educator.

    My interests/expertise include post disaster review, critical care, legal/ethical issue in education and health promotion. I can talk about any nursing related topic and also discuss some pre medical/dental preparation. I like to share what a great career nursing is and has been for me and love to answer questions!

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