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Save on tuition and room and board

CAPP students pay less than half the standard per-credit tuition rate with the cost based upon the number of credits assigned to each class. It may also reduce the amount of tuition paid when you get to college because of the courses you can transfer (meaning fewer classes you have to take in college!)


Gain an advantage over other college applicants

Demonstrating willingness to take challenging courses is what admissions officers look for and CAPP courses are evidence of this. Also, one in four freshman do not return for their sophomore year. CAPP courses will help make sure you do not become a statistic.

Develop college study skills for success

Students are enrolled in a college course and are getting the opportunity to learn and develop successful study skills and time management to do well in college. This will also aid students in boosting self-esteem and ultimately doing well in college.

Aid college transition and be college-ready

Research shows that students enrolled in college courses in high school are more successful at transitioning to college and typically perform better at college than their peers.


Rigorous course while in familiar environment

CAPP provides students with a rigorous curriculum for college credit, with the comfort of a familiar environment. Students can stay in high school with their teachers and friends while still being challenged academically.


Register for college courses earlier

Upon successful completion of CAPP courses you have the opportunity to register for classes early due to credit hours earned. This allows you to not only get the courses you want, but when you need them, in order to graduate on time.

Enjoy more flexibility and opportunities in college

Many CAPP alumni find they are able to pursue second majors, study abroad and/or gain professional experience through internships while still graduating on time.


Lessen your course load

By completing a CAPP course in high school, students do not have to take the courses again in college because the credit has already been earned for the course during high school.

Lessen your course load

By taking CAPP courses, which greatly reduces the cost of tuition and adds benefit of CAPP credits, it may allow you to graduate early or take advantage of other great opportunities, as listed above.

Receive the UW Oshkosh TitanCard

While enrolled in CAPP, you are eligible for a TitanCard, the offical identification card at UW Oshkosh. It provides access to the Polk Library, University computer labs, and some campus community events.


Research & Articles

Dual Enrollment Linked with Significant College AdvantageEducation Week

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