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Teacher Resources

How do I access...

Setting things up:

New Adjunct Resources

Anyone can use the resources on this page, though they are compiled specifically for adjuncts new to the program:

NetID Help (universal UWO log in)

First Time Password Instructions


Set up your password: If you are new to CAPP, you need to create your netID password. Use the below video or these written instructions:

This video was created with CAPP students as the audience, but the steps are the same for adjuncts as well!



UWO Email
Authenticator App Set-Up

UW Oshkosh IT requires MicrosoftMulti-Factor Authentication on some UWO sites as an additional security measure. CAPPlink is one of those sites.

See theinstructions above for NetID Help (universal UWO login). The video covers Authenticator set up.

Online Registration

Online Registration on MyUWO Portal

MyUWO houses all registration forms for students.

Direct link to MyUWO (log in with NetID):

How to use MyUWO for approvals: Click here to open instructions


Roster Verification

Roster Verification on CAPPlink

It is VITAL that your rosters are 100% correct, as this affects billing and permanent student records.

Click here and sign in with your NetID (you’ll need MicrosoftAuthenticator):

Use these instructions to verify your roster each term: Roster Verification Instructions on CAPPlink

During your class:

Canvas (optional resource) (assignments, class rosters, tracking mid-class grades)

Canvas is our online course management system (like Blackboard or D2L). It is an optional resource. You can use it to post assignments, assessments, readings, and resources, but ONLY enrolled CAPP students will have access.

 You will need your NetID and DUO authentication to log into Canvas.

Direct link to Canvas (click here).

Visit Reports on CAPPlink

Once on CAPPlink, click on the Visit Reports tile.

Click here and sign in with your NetID:

End of your class:

Grading/TitanWeb Access

Titan Web is the official student/faculty/staff database at UW Oshkosh.

CAPP Adjuncts mostly use TitanWeb to submit official grades, but it can also be used to check official rosters.

Grades are due 5 days after the last day of your CAPP class (only a single end-of-course grade should be submitted).

Click here for eGrading instructions.


SOS Results (Student Opinion Surveys)

SOS results can be viewed through TitanWeb after each course. Click here for instructions.


To Request Curricular Advancement Funds (Formerly PD Funds)

 *Please note: The process for submitting curricular advancement funds requests changed in Summer 2022. Incorrectly submitted request forms may be ineligible for reimbursement.*

In order to request approval of these funds, please complete the correct form below and submit the form via email to the CAPP office at Once your request has been processed and approved by the CAPP Directors and your liaison, you will receive an email from the CAPP office clearing you to proceed with your purchase or registration.

Funds are accessed as reimbursement following expenses related to curricular advancement or professional development in your field. Some examples of expenses that can be reimbursed are those related to discipline-specific conferences, tuition for graduate credits in your discipline, course-related supplies for your CAPP classroom, and more. Currently, an adjunct is eligible for up to $100/credit per each unique course offered per academic year, up to $300/course. If you have questions regarding your available curricular advancement funds, please contact the CAPP office at or by phone at 920-424-3003.


Do NOT make purchases or register for courses before receiving your response from the CAPP Office. Reimbursement cannot be guaranteed for funds spent prior to receiving your approval email.

Note that in order to be reimbursed, you must follow all Universities of Wisconsin policies. Please contact CAPP with questions.

The forms below will auto-download when you click them.

Use this form if you are seeking reimbursement for any travel-related expenses (excluding field trips): Curricular Advancement Request– Travel

Use this form if you are seeking reimbursement for all non-travel expenses (excluding graduate tuition reimbursement): Curricular Advancement Request– Purchasing

Use this form if you are seeking reimbursement for graduate credits: Curricular Advancement Request–Tuition

W-9 (Address Update)

A current W-9 is required for UW Oshkosh to pay you, usually as a professional development reimbursement or yearly honorarium.

Tips to complete:

  • Leave box 2 blank
  • Check “Individual” in box 3
  • You MUST include your SSN – if this is missing your form is invalid
  • You MUST physically sign the form – if this is missing your form is invalid
  • You MUST include the date of your signature – if this is missing your form is invalid

A new W-9 is required any time your mailing address changes (your responsibility to tell us) or if the existing form is over 2 years old (CAPP Office will tell you when this happens).

Here is the form:


Forms to Drop CAPP Courses (students)

There are two different forms used to drop from CAPP courses. Please complete all forms using standard blue or black ink.

Drop Card: Use this form if you are enrolled in multiple CAPP courses and wish to drop one but remain in others.

Term Withdrawal Form: Use this form if you are dropping all CAPP courses in a term, whether it is 1 out of 1 course or 4 out of 4 courses.

**Make sure you provide the correct course information. If you submit a form that has incorrect or incomplete information, the form will not be accepted. You may view course information on MyUWO Portal (see online registration instructions for students)

Forms must be received by the drop deadline. You may review the drop deadline for the current term here: View Semester Deadlines. Please email completed drop forms to the CAPP Office at




CAPP Workshop Attendance
CAPP Workshop is highly encouraged. If you are unable to make it to the workshop, you are required to document an alternate form of discipline specific professional development for the academic year.

General Campus Information

UW Oshkosh Grading Scale
A 4.0 points
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1
D- 0.67
F 0

Check with your department for a percentage-based scale

TitanCards (UW Oshkosh ID Cards)

TitanCards are the official identification card for every student, faculty and staff member at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Schools participating in CAPP may choose to have their students get Student ID Cards (UW Oshkosh TitanCards), courtesy of the CAP Program.

Services available with a TitanCard include:

  • Borrowing privileges at UW Oshkosh Polk Library (NOT needed for electronic resources – use NetID log in)
  • Access and borrowing privileges at other UW System libraries
  • Use of UW Oshkosh computer labs
  • Oshkosh Transit system
  • Discounts for campus activities (varies)

Obtaining a TitanCard during Campus Visit

During your campus visit to UW Oshkosh, you can schedule time for your students to receive their TitanCard. They will have their photo taken and the cards can be picked up later that day.

Obtaining a TitanCard by Mail

Students may request their own TitanCard online here:

In order for us mail out the TitanCards to those students, the school must sign a release, agreeing to verify official identification of the student before issuing the TitanCard (in order to match the on campus policy and procedure). Here is the online release, to be completed once per high school:

Note: Students who have previously been issued a TitanCard will be charged a $10 for a duplicate ID card.

Students who come to UW Oshkosh should bring their CAPP TitanCard to Odyssey. They will waive the fee to get a new ID.

Math Placement Exam

All students are required to take the UW System Math Placement exam prior to their first college course (CAPP included). To schedule a testing session at your high school (the spring prior to your class), contact Testing Services at Students have up to 2 chances to test sufficiently, and must allow a 15 day period in between testing attempts.

As of Fall 2019, the minimum placement/prerequisite scores for Math courses are as follows:

Course Math Fundamentals Advanced Algebra Trigonometry/ Analytic Geometry Alternative Prerequisite
Math 108 466 150 150 Math 103 (C grade or higher) or equivalent
Math 109 466 150 150
Math 171 561 571 611 Math 108 (C grade or higher) or equivalent
Math 172 Math 171 (C grade or higher), or score 3 or higher on AP Calc AB Exam
Math 273 Math 172 (C grade or higher) or score 4 or 5 on the AP Calc BC Exam

Contact Us

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