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Colony at the Paine

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ArtsCore Colony at the Paine

Theme: "Stories in the Garden"


Paine with waterfountain a professional development and networking opportunity for new teacher teams who are interested in teaching in and through the arts.

This partnership between the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh ArtsCore and the Paine Art Center and Gardens recognizes both the need for early career support and the power of the arts to engage and strengthen the work of both teachers and learners in all disciplines.

In 2018-2019, ArtsCore Colony at the Paine will revolve around the theme of Stories in the Garden and will help early career teachers use nature and storytelling to enhance the senses as well as enrich and inspire their teaching practices. This connects to every discipline, every culture, and every era and will provide a rich base on which participants will collaborate and build.

Early career teachers (in their 2nd to 5th years of service) are invited to attend the ArtsCore Colony in teams. Team members should be interested in arts integration as a means of engaging and inspiring students across the curriculum. At least one of the team members must be an art or music teacher.

What we will offer:

Teaching at the Paine

  • 3-day summer kick-off retreat
  • Philosophy of the Kennedy Center's definition of arts integration
  • Methods to connect students to nature across the curriculum, including math, literacy, science and social studies
  • 6 follow up days (3 during fall semester, 3 during spring semester) exploring nature through different perspectives
  • Opportunities to network, collaborate and plan shared curriculum
  • Mentoring available for implementation of ideas in the classroom
  • Funds to pay for substitute teachers as necessary

ArtsCore dates for the 2018-2019 year are:

2018   2019
August 6, 7 and 8       February 18
September 17    March 18
October 15
   April 15
November 12

What we will expect:  

  • Consistent participation by all team members.
  • Sharing of curriculum developed through the year.
  • Administrative support for the implementation of innovative arts integration strategies.
  • Participation in pre- and post-evaluative questionnaires.


Please contact with questions.


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