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Future Teachers in High School

ArtsCore Scholarship for Future Teachers

2024-2025 Recipients:

Ava Krueger
Marathon Senior High School
Marathon, Wisconsin
Intended Major: Elementary & Middle Education

“Education is important for the growth of students and for our world as a whole. Through their time in a school setting, students learn valuable skills of critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, and so much more. As a teacher, I would be able to impact these students in a crucial stage of their educational journey, while preparing and supporting them for their future. My goal as a teacher is to not only shape a student’s math or reading skills, but also to shape their character as a person.”


Maddie Crick
Cary-Grove Community High School
Oakwood Hills, Illinois
Intended Major: Cross-Cat. Special Education

“Since [I was a little girl], I knew I wanted to be an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher to help others grow to their fullest potential. [In high school], I realized I wanted to be a special education teacher. I joined the buddies program at my school and very quickly became close to the students. I knew from [then on] that I wanted to help these students grow. I talked with some of the teachers who told me how rewarding their jobs were and decided to join the field of special education. I am going to teach, but more importantly, I will inspire, enable, and motivate all of my students.”

Since its inception as a teacher-training school in 1871, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has been a recognized leader in education. Today, the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) is proud to be preparing the next generation of professional leaders in education, human services and counseling, who will set the pace in education reform and social change in an increasingly diverse environment.

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Bridge Day

Arts Integration Symposium

As part of our summer season, the Paine offers an opportunity for high school students who are interested in education careers to facilitate hands-on artmaking and arts-integrated activities. Apprentices spend one day a week in the Studio or Children’s Garden helping visitors complete take-home projects related to the Paine’s exhibitions and gardens. The apprenticeship is a paid position, and participants learn about opportunities to engage with ArtsCore’s initiatives as they move from high school to college and into preservice teaching.

To apply, please contact Mary Pleiss, Director of Education for the Paine Art Center and Gardens.

High school students who are interested in an education career can learn more about arts integration through classroom observations and job shadowing opportunities in the Oshkosh and Appleton Area School Districts.

For information, please contact an ArtsCore District Coordinator or Arts Integration Coach.


Renee Ulman, Appleton ArtsCore District Coordinator

Stephanie Gallagher, Appleton Arts Integration Coach

Annette Koepke, Appleton Arts Integration Coach

Renee Schumacher, Oshkosh ArtsCore District Coordinator

Krista Frenz, Oshkosh ArtsCore Site Coordinator


Renee Ulman

Stephanie Gallagher

Annette Koepke

Renee Schumacher

Krista Frenz

Krista Frenz