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Alumni Opportunities

Licensed Teachers who have successfully completed ArtsCore Collaborative at the Paine have earned the title, “Collaborative Alumni.”  Alumni are invited to share and strengthen their professional skills by acting as mentors for new teachers, presenters at ArtsCore events, and more.  ArtsCore also provides networking groups and events for alumni to stay engaged with their Collaborative cohort and discover new leadership opportunities.

Besides presenting at Bridge Day, Symposium and/or ArtsCore Collaborative, Collaborative alumni have the opportunity to become an Arts Integration Coach or Mentor through the Appleton and Oshkosh Area School Districts.  Coaches and mentors support teachers who wish to incorporate the arts into their curriculum.  Alumni also have the opportunity to assist with grant writing and subcommittee work as initiatives develop.  For more information about current leadership opportunities, please email the ArtsCore office at

Collaborative mentors may click here to access the shared Mentor Program folder.


The Educators in Residence Program (EiR) is designed to allow Collaborative Alumni the opportunity to continue to develop their professional leadership skills.  Alumni design unique arts-integrated experiences and projects which are carried out using the unique resources and setting of the Paine Art Center and Gardens.  Materials and a stipend are offered.  Collaborative alumni are invited to present their projects at Bridge Day, the annual Arts Integration Symposium or at a Collaborative at the Paine day.  To learn more about the EiR program, please contact Mary Pleiss, Director of Education, Paine Art Center and Gardens:



ArtsCore teacher candidates are placed in select classrooms to collaboratively learn about and implement arts integration with ArtsCore supported cooperating teachers. Arts integrated (AI) teaching experience varies among teacher candidates and can be expected to vary between cooperating teachers as well. Both should share a strong interest in and commitment to building their abilities to use arts integration as a pedagogical approach.

The ArtsCore Student Teaching Options offer a true immersion experience in the Appleton or Oshkosh Public School Districts. Highly qualified teacher candidates are interviewed by the districts prior to placement in elementary, middle or high schools. They are paired with master teachers and, when feasible, set up in a cohort group which is managed to maximize professional development and dialogue.

The program promotes intensive practice teaching experience (full semester placements) while incorporating frequent opportunities for reflective dialogue with teachers, administrators and peers regarding best practices.

Teacher candidates begin their placements before the official first day of school and engage in all activities and instruction assigned to their cooperating teacher. In addition, they have opportunities for compensated school duties, such as recess and lunch supervision, and opportunities to interact in other classrooms to experience other content or developmental areas.

The teacher candidates are mentored not only by a cooperating teacher and university supervisor, but by an arts integration trained coordinator whose role is to observe, critique and advise each student throughout the semester. Evaluations similar to those of a first-year teacher may be offered.

 The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requires that all cooperating teachers complete the supervising teacher candidates’ requirements.  UWO offers a free, online course.

ArtsCore School District Coordinators & Coaches

If you would like more information specific to your school district, please contact your ArtsCore District Coordinator or Arts Integration Coach.


Renee Ulman, Appleton ArtsCore District Coordinator

Stephanie Gallagher, Appleton Arts Integration Coach

Annette Koepke, Appleton Arts Integration Coach

Renee Schumacher, Oshkosh ArtsCore District Coordinator

Krista Frenz, Oshkosh ArtsCore Site Coordinator