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ArtsCore Student Organization

The ArtsCore Student Organization (ASO) is committed to the mission of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to further enrich the students and faculty of UW Oshkosh and the community at large. Students belonging to ASO gain experience related to the ongoing methodologies of integrating the arts into education and everyday life.

ASO provides opportunities for any student who wishes to integrate the arts into their work and subjects pursued during their college careers. Working from a multiplicity of artistic philosophies from across the Fine and Performing Arts genre and representing diverse geographical points of residence, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and perspectives, through on-campus visits, lectures, workshops, etc., student members will gain access to fresh and distinct artistic viewpoints and methodologies.

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ASO Membership

To be recognized as a member of the ArtsCore Student Organization, a student would have to attend four meetings per academic year.

  • Members will be notified via email once they have achieved this status.
  • To maintain this status, attendance of four meetings each academic year must continue.


ASO members will receive an embroidered patch (pictured right) that can be proudly worn at graduation.

  • The patch can be ironed on to a stole or graduation cap. Directions will be provided with the patch.
  • If a student has already received an ASO patch, they will receive a pin for each additional year they achieve ASO membership. Pins can be attached to the patch, similar to a high school letter.


At the end of each Spring semester, a recognition event will be held to honor and recognize students receiving membership status that academic year.

Meet the Board

Justice Bowers

Elise Williams

Molli Dolan

Ashley Whittington
Co-Publicity Officer

Aimee Footit
Co-Publicity Officer

The ArtsCore Student Organization Board plans professional development and networking events each semester that offer opportunities for UWO students to learn about Arts Integration as an approach to teaching. 

Campus Collaborators