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Oshkosh Area School District

The mission of the Oshkosh Area School District is to create citizens who are critical, creative thinkers, responsible in their actions, and committed to learning for life by working together with families and communities.

The purpose of this partnership is to continue to build competence, confidence, and resiliency of future, pre-service, early career, and practicing teachers in the Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) through the thoughtful use of arts integration (AI) so that the participating educators will be able to grow their professional development and have a greater, positive impact on their students and professional learning communities.

In the fall of 2021, the Oshkosh Youth Symphony, INC, the Oshkosh Area School District and ArtsCore partnered together again for the 3rd annual Full STEAM Ahead.   Creating community-wide opportunities for impactful arts advocacy & multi-disciplinary arts integration are key to growing healthy arts programs & future audiences. Engaging students in multi-sensory activities connected to cross-curricular content, through the collaboration of school colleagues & community organizations, builds students’ future-ready skills.  Full STEAM Ahead is a unit of study for fourth grade students that integrates their Mystery Science lessons, Engineering standards, Music standards and composers, and collaboration with the Oshkosh Youth Symphony, INC.  Click here to learn more about the collaborative concert.

Oshkosh ArtsCore Coordinators:

Renee Schumacher, Oshkosh ArtsCore District Coordinator

Krista Frenz, Oshkosh ArtsCore Site Coordinator

Krista Frenz

Krista Frenz

Renee Schumacher