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Paine Art Center and Gardens

The Paine Art Center and Gardens supports educators through collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, the Oshkosh Area School District, and the Appleton Area School District to explore and develop ArtsCore programming. The Paine hosts ArtsCore Collaborative and works with our partners to promote awareness of ArtsCore within the school districts.

In our role as an ArtsCore partner, the Paine offers the ArtsCore Apprenticeship, which employs high school students interested in education careers to facilitate arts integrated activities for visitors to the Paine. The Paine also hosts high school and UWO courses for future educators and preservice teachers to collaborate in our Studio.

The Paine offers an Educators in Residence (EiR) initiative for Collaborative alumni.  This program provides Collaborative alumni the opportunity to develop their own creativity and arts integration skills by collaborating with fellow alumni and arts professionals on the grounds of the Paine. EiR participants build their leadership skills by presenting about their experiences at other ArtsCore events.  In 2021, artist Jennifer Angus worked with Collaborative alumni from Merrill Middle School to create lessons and virtual field experiences tied to Angus’s spring exhibition at the Paine.

The Paine offers arts integrated field trips for OASD students in grades three and four, and works with area teachers to create custom field trip experiences based on our exhibitions.  In August, 2022, the Paine was awarded a $250K grant to develop a new set of field trips, entitled, ArtsCore Adventures.   Read more here.

For information on scheduling a virtual or in person field trip, please contact Kelsey Raschke, the Paine’s Educator.

For more information, please contact the Paine’s ArtsCore Coordinator, Mary Pleiss


Mary Pleiss

Kelsey Raschke