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Crime Prevention Programs

The UW Oshkosh Police Department offers a variety of crime prevention programs. These programs are intended to educate people in ways to keep themselves and their property safe from crime.

The following programs are available:

  • Alcohol Abuse and Laws: This program will provide information on City of Oshkosh ordinances, University regulations and Wisconsin laws dealing with the use, possession and consumption of alcohol. Participants will also be given information on the use/abuse of alcohol within the University community, including house parties.

  • Domestic Abuse: Presentation will cover domestic abuse laws, including the mandatory arrest law. Officers will explain how the domestic abuse laws apply in the residence halls. It will also cover strategies to prevent domestic abuse and how to assist a domestic abuse victim.

  • Drug Identification, Abuse and Laws: Provides participants information on identifying illegal drugs, their abuse and the law concerning the use, possession and sale. The program will identify commonly-used drugs within the University community.

  • Fire Safety: Participants will be given information on fire safety within the residence halls, academic buildings and off-campus housing.

  • Gang Awareness and Identification: Presentation will cover local gang trends and how to identify possible gang affiliation. Information will also be presented on what citizens can do to assist in combating gangs.

  • Hate Crimes: Program will provide participants with information about hate crimes, recognizing hate crimes and hate crime laws.

  • Mock Party Bust: This program will provide the same information as the Alcohol Abuse and Laws program, but is done with officers to the residence hall and acting out a party bust. After the party bust, officers will talk about alcohol laws and answer questions. The hall sponsoring this program usually provides non-alcoholic beverages for participants and sets a party atmosphere.

  • Personal Safety/Sexual Assault: Participants will be given information on how to protect themselves while here at UW Oshkosh. This presentation will also provide tips on protecting yourself from sexual assault and information on sexual assault laws.

  • Theft Prevention: Gives faculty, staff and students tips on how to prevent theft from occurring within the residence halls and University buildings.


To request a presentation of one of these programs or if you have a topic you would like presented, contact by e-mail Chris Tarmann ( or call (920) 424-1212.

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