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Special Events Protocol 

If you have questions regarding whether or not you are required to have a special event meeting and who you are required to meet with, please contact UWO Police Department at (920) 424-1212 or by email at We can help guide you through the process and determine if certain special event requirements exist for your event.

Special Event Definitions
Large Events

Events with more than 250 people. Large events may be subject to a pre-event planning meeting, depending on the nature of the event.

Special/Entertainment Event

An event that will include presence of amplified performance sound, non-seating for attendees, potentially controversial topic and/or presence of approved alcohol. Special/Entertainment events will be required to complete a pre-event planning meeting and may be subject to expectations up to and including the guidelines for late-night events, depending on the nature and circumstances of the event.

Late Night Event

Events that extend past the normal time of building close. Late night events will be required to complete a pre-event planning meeting and will be expected to meet the expectations for guidelines outline below.

Time for Special/Late Night Events

Requesting of space must be completed at least six weeks prior to event date. The reservation will not be considered final until a pre-event planning meeting has been completed and any agreed upon event requirements have been signed and submitted to the room/space scheduler.

Pre-Event Planning Meeting

If determined necessary, the meeting must be held at least four weeks prior to event. Representatives at this meeting shall include the student organization lead event coordinator, the student organization faculty/staff adviser, a representative from the building personnel where the event will be held and a representative from the University Police. Any outside vendors/performers contracted for service at the event will be shared at this meeting.

Day-of-Event Briefing Meeting

A briefing meeting will be held at least 30 minutes to the start of the event with all student organization monitors, the faculty/staff adviser, the building personnel representative and any assigned police/security personnel. The meeting shall include a briefing of the timing of the event and event security guidelines/expectations and a walk-through of the space where the event will be held highlighting emergency exits, fire extinguishers and the pre-event condition of the space.

Approval Levels

Must be granted at least two weeks prior to the event.

  • Security Approval
  • Late Night Approval
  • Special/Entertainment Event Approval


Student Organization Monitors
Student organization monitors will be responsible for checking identification of attendees entering an event, documenting/registering guests and their hosts on a provided form, collecting any admission charges for the event and enforcing the no carry-in policy. Student organization monitors will also be responsible for ensuring all requirements discussed at the pre-event meeting are enforced. In addition, monitors will frequently walk through the space, approach behaviors that inappropriate or conflict with the purpose of the event and report any facility, equipment or behavioral concerns that threaten safety of the attendees, facility or equipment. Student organizations will designate one monitor as the lead event coordinator of the event. The event coordinator will attend the pre-event meeting four weeks prior to the event. All communication with the building representative and University Police concerning requirements for the event shall be made by this designated individual to avoid confusion. The event coordinator must be in attendance for the duration of the event. Student organization members will be responsible for communicating with any vendors providing services for the event about delivery, load-in, following University policies and any potential safety issues surrounding their service.
Faculty/Staff Adviser
The University faculty/staff adviser or approved faculty/staff representative will attend the pre-event meeting four weeks prior to the event and ensure all contact information is submitted for self and student monitors. The adviser must be present 30 minutes prior to the start of the event and until all participants have left the facility following the event.
Building Representative
A full-time staff member from the building/venue where the event is being held or an approved designated full-time staff representative must be present at the event to assist with the flow of attendees into and out of the event and to ensure that all specified safety guidelines and requirements determined at the pre-event meeting are being upheld. A building representative will attend the pre-event meeting four weeks prior to the event. This full-time staff member has the authority, in consultation with University Police and organization leaders and advisers, to end or cancel an event if the event safety and pre-determined requirements are not being met. There will be an hourly charge for labor and facilities costs for each event hour past building close.
University Police
University Police are present for law enforcement purposes and will also be responsible for metal detection on all event participants, as determined at the pre-event meeting. A University Police representative will attend the pre-event meeting four weeks prior to the event.

Expectations for Event Management

Student Organization Monitors
Each sponsoring organization student designated as a student organization monitor for the event must have attended monitor training (held monthly each fall and spring semester). There must be five sponsoring group members to monitor the event for the first 100 attendees and two for each additional 100 attendees anticipated. Monitors are expected to check identification of attendees entering the event, monitor points of entry, document guests and their hosts, collect any admission charges for the event, enforce no carry-in policy and frequently walk through the space, approach behaviors that are inappropriate or conflict with the purpose of the event and report any facility, equipment or behavioral concerns that threaten safety. At least one monitor must be present at the entrance to the event at all times. These student organization monitors must be identifiable by wearing provided monitor apparel. At the conclusion of the event, the monitors must assist in assuring the smooth exit of all attendees from the facility and the immediate premises.
Faculty/Staff Adviser
The University faculty/staff adviser must be present 30 minutes prior to and through the entire event until all attendees have left the facility.  The event will not take place until the adviser or approved representative has checked-in with the designated building representative. If the adviser or approved faculty/staff representative leaves the event early, the event will immediately be terminated.  The adviser is expected to support student organization monitors as they walk through the event, enforce identified safety measures, approach behavioral concerns that threaten safety of attendees, and report any facility or equipment concerns to the building representative.
Admissions Requirements
All attendees:

  • must have UW Oshkosh or government issued ID — no minors allowed
  • UW Oshkosh students can sign in and register three guests/students for events

Entry/re-entry will be restricted 15 minutes prior to the original stated closing time for the building, unless special arrangements are made at the pre-event planning meeting.  Building representative reserve the right to require wrist banding or hand stamps to identify those admitted to the event/venue.

The capacity for any particular space/room must be enforced. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for tracking admission.  If necessary, enforcement of capacity will be done by building representative or University Police.
Building personnel will provide signage to outline restriction of weapons, alcohol, carry ins, etc. as well as the entry/re-entry restrictions for the event. Pre-event marketing shall include standard language, as applicable, concerning: ID requirements, expectations concerning re-entry, and attendee entry.
University Police reserve the right to require (at a designated cost) the presence of an officer. This determination will be a combination of several factors including:

  • where the event is held
  • the time frame of the event, organization
  • past event history
  • expected attendance
  • the type of event

The officer(s) will assist in monitoring the event, be available for emergencies, assist in challenging situations and perform any metal detection services as required.

Each guest must present a valid government-issued ID and be accompanied by a UW Oshkosh student host who will sign-in the guest on a provided standard University form and assume responsibility for the guest’s behavior.
Carry-ins, such as outside food or beverages, coats, large bags, etc. may be restricted as dictated through a pre-event planning meeting. In accordance with state and local laws, no illegal drugs or weapons will be permitted at any event.  Building representatives or event location will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
A student organization that hosts an event in violation of these expectations (as determine by the building representative or University Police present at the event) will be identified as in non-compliance for an event.  Any organization that is found to be non-compliant for an event will be expected to complete a post-event review meeting, with the same parties who attended the pre-event meeting and any others deemed necessary.  This meeting will address what issues were present and how compliance will be addressed at future events.  Continued non-compliance may result in a restriction of future space reservations for the organization. Individual student attendees who violate or are responsible for a guest who violates University policy or local, state, or federal laws may be held accountable to both civil authorities and to the University for these infractions through standard judicial processes.
This protocol is maintained by the Vice Chancellor/Space Authority who oversees the designated event space, and any exceptions to the stated expectations must be granted by the Vice Chancellor or his/her designee. The University reserves the right to cancel or delay any scheduled events due to safety concerns or the availability of necessary personnel resources to properly accommodate the event.