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911 Emergency
(920) 424-1212
(920) 424-0128

Lower level of Radford Hall
777 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Mailing Address:
800 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh, WI 54901


Campus Safety Information

Traffic Right-of-Way

Special Note 1: Consistent with State Statute 346.23(1), Drivers have the right-of-way at intersections controlled by a traffic signal when that signal is green. The pedestrian has the right-of-way if the signal is green or a “walk” signal is displayed for their direction of travel.

This is especially important in the area in front of Reeve Memorial Union on Algoma Boulevard. There have been cases where well intentioned drivers have stopped at a green light to allow pedestrians to cross. Although well intentioned, it is a dangerous practice and contrary to the law. The other lane of traffic still has the green signal and this may cause a pedestrian/vehicle accident.

Remember: At traffic-light-controlled intersection, the light and/or “walk” signal will determine the right-of-way for pedestrians and vehicles.

Special Note 2: Consistent with State Statute 346.24

Crossing at Uncontrolled Intersection or Crosswalk

346.24(1) — At an intersection or crosswalk where traffic is not controlled by traffic control signals or by a traffic officer, the operator of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian or to a person riding a bicycle or electric personal assistive mobility device in a manner which is consistent with the safe use of the crosswalk by pedestrians, who is crossing the highway within a marked or unmarked crosswalk.

NOTE: An unmarked crosswalk would be an area that is not marked on the road but is a crosswalk from one sidewalk to another at an intersection.

346.24(2) — No pedestrian, bicyclist, or rider of an electric personal assistive mobility device shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk, run, or ride into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is difficult for the operator of the vehicle to yield.

346.24(3) — Whenever any vehicle is stopped at an intersection or crosswalk to permit a pedestrian, bicyclist, or rider of an electric personal assistive mobility device to cross the roadway, the operator of any other vehicle approaching from the rear shall not overtake and pass the stopped vehicle.


  1. It is important, especially in the are of Sage Hall that pedestrians use crosswalks and traffic-controlled crosswalks (i.e. the “Hawkeye” crossing signal). Pedestrians do not have the right of way in areas that do not have a marked or unmarked crosswalk.
  2. Vehicles are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing the road. However, pedestrians should not leave the curb with a car oncoming that could not safely stop in the distance available.
  3. If a vehicle is stopped in one lane, then all traffic in the other lane must also stop. Again, this is an important point for the area in front of Reeve Memorial Union. It is unsafe to stop at a green light as vehicular traffic has the right-of-way at a green light. We encourage pedestrians to please use the button on the light pole in order to activate the traffic light to change to give pedestrians the right-of-way to cross.

Please remember that safety is the responsibility of all users of the roadways and crosswalks. Knowledge of the applicable laws will help everyone be safe.

Moped Safety Information and Laws

UWS 18.10 Offenses against public safety.

  • (5) OPERATION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE OFF ROADWAYS. No person shall operate an unauthorized motor vehicle or motorized device, including motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters and self-balancing transportation devices, off designated roadways, paved or unpaved or on service roads or pedestrian paths, regardless of the surface, on University lands. This subsection does not apply to motorized wheelchairs or other mobility devices which have the primary design function of assisting the physically challenged.

346.595 Motorcycles and mopeds

  • (3) No passenger may ride a Type 1 motorcycle who, when properly seated, cannot rest the feet on assigned foot rests of pegs. No passenger may ride on a moped.


  • It is certainly legal to ride a legally registered moped on the streets in the City of Oshkosh, however, when leaving the roadway or parking lot to park the moped you must get off the moped and walk it to the location where you plan to park it. Mopeds are allowed to park in designated parking stalls or near the bike racks as long as they do not impede normal pedestrian traffic through those areas. The UW Oshkosh Parking department would like to remind moped users that parking permits are required for mopeds when they are parked on campus whether in a stall or a near a bike rack.

Please contact the UW Oshkosh Police Department if you have questions on these rules and/or laws at (920) 424-1212.

Thank you and please be safe!