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Currently an “employment scam” is making the rounds that appears to be from Handshake and a real UWO professor. The professor will tell you that you have been hand-picked for an online job with them. The offer mentions the reasons you were selected and includes salary information, a large amount for training, a wage and bonuses. 

Those who fall victim to the scam and accept the offer are sent a large check to purchase supplies and equipment. The check is counterfeit. If you are able to cash the check you are asked to wire a large portion back to the employer. Once the bank determines the check is counterfeit the person who cashed the check (you) is responsible for the amount sent back to the “employer.”

It’s important that you never accept money sent to you while sending a portion back to the sender. If an offer appears too good to be true, it usually is. If you receive this or any type of suspicious offer and you’re not sure what to do, please consult with the UWO Police Department. Stop in lower level of Radford Hall, call us at (920) 424-1212 or email We can help verify the legitimacy of the information.

Here are a few tips to avoid being the victim of a scam:  

  • If you see a job that interests you, contact the person directly who posted the job. Find emails for UWO employees in our directory and reach out to that email. 
  • Go to the Career and Professional Development website and log directly into Handshake. Look for the job in their system. If you don’t find that specific job then it’s highly likely that it’s a scam. If you’re still concerned, give them a call or stop in and chat with them.  
  • Don’t cash checks from anyone who wants you to send a portion of it back to them.  
  • Don’t purchase gift cards for anyone with money you receive for a job.  
  • Reach out to the police or someone who can help you determine if a post is real. 

UW Oshkosh Police Department