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SQ: Civic Learning Resources

USP Signature Question: How do people understand and engage in community life?

Civic knowledge consists of an awareness and understanding of the various political and social processes that impact the nature and quality of life in local, state, national, or global communities.  It also encompasses the cultivation of skills which may be useful in public life, like effective communication and ethical reasoning.  Civic engagement means having an appreciation for and applying the values gained from civic knowledge in real world settings, directed at improving the quality of life in the communities of which one is a part.  Civic knowledge and civic engagement emphasize learning, reflection, and action in order to create better communities. 

Common Requirements for Courses:

In its workshop sessions of May 2012, the Civic Knowledge/Civic Engagement working group decided that the following elements would be a part of every course offered under this Signature Question:

  • The text of the Signature Question will be contained in the syllabus
  • he definition of Civic Knowledge and Civic Engagement, as written above, will be included in the syllabus
  • Course descriptions contained in the syllabus will mention Civic Knowledge and/or Civic Engagement
  • At least two of the expected course outcomes which are assessed and listed in the syllabus will be from the list of "Outcomes" offered below (from Musil et al.)
  • At least one CK/CE artifact will be uploaded and assessed in each student's ePortfolio
  • There will be at least one assessed exercise within the first 2-3 weeks of the course

Essential Learning Outcomes Addressed

  • Responsibility, as Individuals and Communities: Civic Knowledge and Engagement—Local, National, and Global

Civic Learning Outcomes

Please download the Civic Knowledge & Engagement Student Learning Outcomes


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