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Interactive Web management (IWM) is an emerging field of academic study designed to prepare you for tomorrow’s careers. This major blends facets of business administration, computer science, information systems, marketing and journalism.


UW Oshkosh interactive Web management (IWM) graduates are technologically savvy and know how to leverage the best online practices, including social media, to give their employers a competitive edge in the marketplace or start their own high-technology businesses.

The IWM major is an interdisciplinary, cutting edge program that focuses on the design, development, delivery and management of social media and other interactive web-based applications.

You also will be able to think about a web-based user experience all the way from the business problem through the technical setup of the server software and Web development to a personalized user experience in a well-designed Web system.

As an IWM major, you will be able to:

  • Design, create and manage rich and interactive collaborative technologies that enable creation and sharing of user-generated content and collaboration among users.
  • Apply online marketing, advertising and public relations strategies, including: search engine optimization, social network penetration, user analytics and other methods to brand and promote an organization.
  • Develop operational plans for harnessing emerging technologies to support business strategy and enhance the productivity of organizations.
  • Identify and develop ideas for new interactive technology products and services.
  • Use modern multimedia tools to create and manipulate a range of rich digital multimedia.
  • Manage technology infrastructures to support delivery of interactive technologies.
  • Design and implement data collection and sharing mechanisms using modern database techniques.
  • Analyze and address ethical considerations of interactive technologies and online communities.
  • Apply state-of-the-art measures to provide privacy, security and protection of information assets.
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