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“My four years at UW Oshkosh were an amazing experience! The Marketing program positioned me to jumpstart my professional career right out of the gate. I would recommend UWO to anyone!”

Michael Van De Hey, '20

Client Manager, Rhyme


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Marketing Certificates

The marketing department offers three certificates that provide targeted coursework that helps students specialize in a specific field. Click the name of a certificate below to learn more about the coursework and topics of study. 

Click here for the certificate planning sheet (list of required courses).

Digital Marketing Certificate | 9 credits

Almost all businesses today engage in some form of digital marketing. More than one-third of UW Oshkosh Marketing students have an internship in digital marketing or social media management. Preparing for a career in digital marketing will prepare you for one of the hottest job categories in the field of Marketing. Customers find your business’s website through a search engine so marketers must understand how to optimize websites and use search engine ads to increase the likelihood customers find you on the web. Email marketing and social media can be great tools for promoting a business, product, service, experience or idea. Leveraging these tools properly will help you drive customers to your website. The internet provides the opportunity to track customers and learn more about their preferences. Armed with this data, companies have the ability to find more customers through a variety of digital channels. In this emphasis, students get hands-on practice on how to execute elements of a digital marketing strategy but also how to use specific performance-based feedback to adapt their marketing strategy to maximize performance.

Marketing Analysis and Insights Certificate | 12 credits

Data analysis is an essential area in marketing and employers demand marketing professionals with strong analytical skills. This certificate is for people who want to pursue a career related to the analytical side of marketing. Learners will understand how data analysis works so they can interface with, leverage, and support data-driven decisions.

Sales Certificate | 9 credits

The Sales Certificate will provide non-Marketing students with an opportunity to increase their marketability in a competitive job market. This certificate can help all students, whether they plan to enter sales or non-sales areas. For students who wish to enter sales, the certificate helps understand different types of sales and helps future sales companies onboard, retain, promote, and leverage talents. For students who enter non-sales area, this certificate can help with understanding how sales work in order to interface with, leverage, and support sales areas productivity. LEARN MORE