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About the Program


Students in the IWM major learn:

  • How to create and evaluate interactive user experiences involving user-generated content, social media and collaborative technologies.
  • Create and manipulate digital content and multimedia, including text, images, video and graphics for specific audiences.
  • Design and program software applications and manage software development projects
  • Run and manage a website, including making decisions about: hosting, domain names, architecture (server-side vs. client-side), content delivery networks, appropriate use of cloud computing, availability, security, etc.
  • Understand how adoption of emerging technologies can support business strategy and performance
  • Apply online marketing/advertising/PR strategies, including: search engine optimization, social network penetration, user analytics, and other methods to aid audience engagement, branding, and promotion for an organization
  • Understand data-related issues, including collection, analysis, privacy, ethical use, and security.

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Interactive Web Management Club
Interactive Web Management Club is a student organization used to to help members become more familiar with the possibilities an IWM major can provide you. Learn more!