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Student Organizations

UW Oshkosh’s College of Business provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved outside of the classroom. The college offers several business-focused student organizations. Students of all majors are invited to join any of these organizations.
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Accounting Club - Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi

National honorary scholastic and professional accounting fraternity

Activities include speeches and panel discussions by students, faculty and professionals; field trips; business meetings; and a wide variety of professional, social and service activities. Beta Alpha Psi activities are open to all students.

Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Dederich

Club President: Andrew Marx

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) – Student Chapter

IMA is the leading professional organization devoted exclusively to management accounting and financial management.

IMA’s goals are to help members develop both personally and professionally, by means of education, certification and association with other business professionals.

As a respected leader within the global financial community, IMA influences the concepts and ethical practices in management, accounting and financial management. Its ethical standards provide guidance to practitioners for maintaining the highest levels of ethical conduct.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Club

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AI&DA) Club

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AI&DA) club! We are a group of students and faculty who are passionate about the intersection of data analytics and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to create a community of individuals who are interested in learning, exploring, and applying the latest developments in these cutting-edge fields.

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Faculty Advisor: John Muraski

Club President: Mario Biendarra

Beta Gamma Sigma - International Honor Society

Beta Gamma Sigma

The UWO Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma – The International Business Honor Society recognizes business students with high scholastic achievement. Members gain access to all of the resources that Beta Gamma Sigma provides, including networking opportunities, professional development programs, and other benefits that enhance members’ educational and career aspirations as both students and young professionals. Student members are recognized with certificates and an honor cord at an annual Beta Gamma Sigma ceremony.

Faculty Advisor:  Debbie Gray Patton

Need help deciding if that honor society invitation email you received is legitimate? Interested in organizations specific to your major or interest area? Use the search tool on the Association of College Honor Societies website. BGS is featured!

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO)

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) at UW Oshkosh informs, supports, and inspires students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation. In addition to providing a peer support system for students interested in entrepreneurship, CEO provides opportunities in networking, leadership development, and hands-on experience.
UWO CEO welcomes all students, both undergraduate and graduate, regardless of their major. We believe that by mixing brilliant minds from many disciplines, creativity and resourcefulness can be brought to new heights. CEO members are motivated, energetic and intelligent students who want to surround themselves with other individuals who want to learn about the world of entrepreneurship and the possibilities it holds.
President: Hailey Kiser
Faculty Advisor: Dan Brosman

Economics Student Association (ESA)

The Economics Student Association is an organization on campus focused on bringing together students who are interested in the field of Economics with faculty and professionals To provide economics students with supplemental educational, networking, and professional development opportunities, and to promote interest in and understanding of economic science. Additionally, we represent the interests of economics students in the Student Assembly, and the College of Business Student Advisory Council.

President: Zach Lemke

Faculty Advisor: Sarinda Taengnoi Siemers

Finance Club

Finance Club

Affiliated with the Financial Management Association, the UW Oshkosh Finance Club provides opportunities for its members to interact with business professionals and to explore career opportunities in finance.

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President: Jack Zeihen

Faculty Advisor: Will Morrison


Information Systems Club

Information Systems Club

“As our world changes from an Industrial-based society to an Information-based society, Information Technology plays a crucial role in successful organizations. Information Systems help businesses compete in a global environment by helping management utilize the power of technology to make decisions and run business operations efficiently. With the exponential growth in Information Technology, increased demand for information and communications, and global impact of the Internet; Information Systems have become the cornerstone of business.”  ~Dr. Michael Eierman

Myth 1: Information Systems is just about programming.

Not true! Many students believe that Information Systems is solely about writing code when in reality, it is multidisciplinary including an introduction to programming, database management, data analysis, systems analysis, and project management. You will learn about the use of technology in organizations and how to design and implement information systems to support business goals.

Myth 2: All programming requires advanced math skills.

Not true In fact most programmers will only need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  As we only cover an introduction to programming we will use logic more than anything.  When I say logic, I really mean the use of logical operators like: “IF”, “THEN”, “ELSE”, “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT.”

Myth 3: Information Systems is not a creative field.

Not trueSome students believe that Information Systems is a field that lacks creativity when in reality, it is a highly creative field that allows individuals to use their imagination and problem-solving skills to create innovative solutions.

Myth 4: Information Systems is a solitary field.

Not trueSome students believe that working in Information Systems means working alone when in reality, it is a highly collaborative field where individuals work in teams to design, develop, and maintain software and technology solutions.


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President: Christian Lindloff

Faculty Advisor: Mike Patton

Marketing and Sales Club

UW Oshkosh Marketing & Sales Club

UWO Marketing & Sales Club is a student organization that works to make its members more familiar with marketing and sales practices. The student club is the collegiate chapter of SMP. Besides exposing its members to marketing practices, our club helps create networking opportunities for the members by bringing in local marketing and sales professionals. Our main goal is to educate, inform, and grow as aspiring Marketing & Sales professionals.

Find us on Facebook at UWO Marketing & Sales Club – All event information will be posted there as reminders!  

Benefits of joining UWO Marketing & Sales Club
  • Looks GREAT on a resume
  • Helps you meet like minded people with your same interest
  • Connects you with business professional on a personal level
  • Getting involved with leadership roles
  • Learn more about different career opportunities in marketing and sales

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Feel free to contact our advisor or any of the club officers for more information about signing up!  


Faculty Advisor: Bryan Lilly

Society for Human Resource Management

UW Oshkosh SHRM Student Chapter

About Us 

The National Society for Human Resource Management. SHRM is the world’s largest association dedicated to Human Resources Management with over 170,000 professional members and 55,000 student members. We are proud to be UW Oshkosh’s student chapter and affiliated with SHRM and sponsored by the local Fox Valley and Oshkosh Area Chapters of SHRM.

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President: Emma Leib 

Faculty Advisor: Sarah DeArmond

Mission Statement

 UWO SHRM will, in accordance with the National SHRM Code of Ethics:

  • Promote the development of its members’ human resource management and leadership skills
  • Increase both campus and community awareness of the greater SHRM organization
  • Serve the interests and increase the awareness of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Business by sponsoring, administering, or participating in activities as outlined in the National SHRM Merit Award or that will help achieve the organization’s goals.

Vision Statement

To be recognized by the University of Wisconsin System, our sponsoring chapter Fox Valley SHRM, other local SHRM chapters, and HR professionals throughout the state as the most active and prestigious student business organization in Wisconsin.

We hope that you enjoy the numerous resources that we have available to you on our UWO SHRM club website. Please feel free to contact any one of us with questions that you may have about UWO SHRM, the Human Resources major, and more.

Supply Chain Club

Supply Chain Club

UW Oshkosh APICS members participate in a variety of professional, social and community service activities. Students work closely with their “parent chapter” in the Fox Valley, an organization of over 400 professionals. Through trips to local organizations and businesses that include presentations and facilities tours, students are given the opportunity to further investigate and refine their interest in the field of Supply Chain Management.  In addition to providing funds for scholarships, paper competitions and other activities, the parent chapter provides valuable networking opportunities which may lead to internships and, upon graduation, employment. Supply Chain Club activities are open to all students.

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President: Natalie Flom

Faculty Advisor: Jay Woldt


Congratulations! UW Oshkosh Supply Chain Club members won their 17th Platinum Award (more than any school in the nation!), 23 Gold Awards,  and four students have received the Fogarty Award!

Titans of Risk (Insurance & Risk Management)

Risk management and insurance – we all deal with it daily, but few actually understand it! Join us to gain a better perspective of this international, multi-billion dollar industry and the myriad of opportunities that it offers, even locally. Students can connect with those in the industry to get a deeper understanding, potentially leading to job shadows and even internship opportunities!

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President: Jackson Wilson

Vice President: Issac Nguyen

Faculty Advisor: Kate Manthey


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