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Email FAQ

Will all of my e-mails be copied?

Yes, all of your e-mails will be copied.

Will my folder structure be copied?

Your folder structure will be copied, however TitanApps uses labels instead of folders.  It will appear the same as always in a client, however on the web if you have nested folders, they will all show separately.  For more information on labels click here.

My labels are missing the first level.  What happened? How can I fix it?

If you had a folder that did not contain any  messages in, it was not copied.  If you create a label with this name, all of the labels will update to now include this label in front of it. See this tutorial for details.

What happens to my mail filters/rules?

Filters defined in the current TitanMail webmail are not stored in a compatible format between the two systems and  will have to be manually re-created.  If you had client based filters/rules, they will still work.

As a best practice, IT recommends that you re-create all necessary email filters in the Gmail web interface as soon as you are granted access to your Titan Apps Gmail account. Additionally, creating filters in Gmail's web interface versus an email client such as Outlook or Mac Mail is best practice. By doing this your email filters will only need to be created once and will apply across all your email client programs and mobile devices.

Will my inbox limit be increased?

Yes! The new inbox size is 25GB.

How large can a single e-mail or attachement be?

An e-mail can be up to 25MB in size, including all attachements and the body of the e-mail.

Why are my e-mails grouped together on the web client?  How can I shut it off?

Your e-mails are grouped together because of a feature called Conversations.  It automatically groups e-mails together to make it easier to follow a topic.

You are able to turn this feature off by clicking on Settings, then under the General tab, Conversation view off.

Why am I seeing the start of the e-mails instead of just the subject?

That is called Snippets, it allows you to see the first part of the e-mail so you can tell its contents before opening it.  If you would like you can turn them off (so you only see the subject) by going to Settings and then under the General tab, Snippets off.

Why are there 'ads' or 'Web Clips' right above my inbox? How do I remove them?

This feature is supposed to be turned off by default. We have reported the problem to and are currently working with Google to find a solution. Once a solution has been found, all users will be informed.

To turn Web Clips off, navigate to Settings > Web Clips > Uncheck the box next to 'Show Web Clips above the inbox'.

How do I make TitanApps Mail my default mail application?

Follow the instructions to Make Gmail Your Default Mail Application. This can be done on both Mac and Windows OS.

I am currently using an e-mail client.  Can I keep using it?

For information on using and setting up clients, view our Email & Calendar Clients page.

Can I create a mail merge?

For video instructions please see this link from Digital Inspiration.

Please see the link regarding email sending limits before using this feature 


  • Select the following link to use the Template created by Digital Inspiration. (You will need to be logged in with your UW Oshkosh Titan Apps account to access the template).

  • Select Use this Template.
  • The spreadsheet will open.
  • Click on the title in the upper left corner and change the name.
  • The spreadsheet will be saved to your My Drive.
  • Leave the Email Address and Mail Merge Status field as is. You can make changes to the other Headings as needed.
  • Enter the information needed in the spreadsheet. Make sure to enter at least an email address in the email address column.
  • Go to your email.
  • Compose a new message with a subject and message body.
  • Customize the message as needed. Customized field headings can be inserted in the subject or body of the message by adding the name of the field in this format $%Field Name%. For example the field heading of First Name can be inserted in the message by using $%First Name%
  • Select Save Now to save changes made to the draft.
  • When you are ready to send the email open the saved spreadsheet above under your My Drive.
  • Select the Mail Merge Menu.
  • Choose Start Mail Merge.
  • If this is your first time using the spreadsheet an Authorization Required window will open. (If not skip to step 21).
  • Select OK.
  • Select Grant Access.
  • Select Close.
  • Select the Mail Merge Menu again.
  • Choose Start Mail Merge.
  • The Mail Merge HD box will open.
  • Select the dropdown arrow next to Select template…(A list of your saved drafts will show).
  • Choose the appropriate Email Subject of your draft from the list.
  • Type your Name in the Senders Full Name box.
  • Select Start Mail Merge.
  • The mail merge will start.
  • A notification box with the mail merge status will show in the bottom right corner of the window.
  • When it is sent you will see EMAIL_SENT in the Mail Merge Status column of the spreadsheet.
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