Working Remotely

Many UW Oshkosh resources are easily accessible with an internet connection, but others require some setup. Before you begin working remotely, understand what you’ll need to need to do to access computing resources. Test your access to these applications from off-campus before you plan to work remotely.


  1. Contact your supervisor to determine if you can perform your job responsibilities through telecommuting
  2. Plan communication with your team members and test how to conduct remote meetings
  3. Backup your files – Store files that you need to access on OneDrive for Business. Do not store sensitive data on your personal computer or in Google Drive.
  4. If you plan to use your personal computer to work remotely, make sure you know how to access your email or other Microsoft Office tools located at
  5. If you need to access resources that are only available on the campus network excluding file storage, request VPN access.

Work Resources from Off-Campus

Connect with colleagues: Online meetings, calls and chats

Microsoft Teams
  • Install Microsoft Teams: If you are using a university-owned machine, Teams should already be installed. If you are using your personal machine, download Microsoft Teams.
  • Learn how to use Teams to chat, meet, call and collaborate with the Teams quick start guide.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Palo Alto GlobalProtect

Some resources require VPN to access off-campus. A VPN is a “virtual private network” that create a secure connection to the UWO network and Palo Alto GlobalProtect is the software used to connect. VPN access has been temporarily granted to all employees. Palo Alto GlobalProtect has been installed on many computers that we were aware of leaving campus, but the software has not been installed on every computer. If you have already brought your campus computer home, but do not have VPN installed, please contact the IT Help Desk if you need it installed.

File Storage

  • Use OneDrive for Business to store your documents.

Microsoft Office

If you are using a university-owned machine, Microsoft Office products should already be installed. If you are using your personal machive you can install Microsoft Office using these instructions.

Jabber (Cisco VoIP Phone)

Cisco Jabber will provide you a softphone on your electronic device with your UWO phone number. It allows you to make and receive calls with your UWO phone number and utilize your individual UWO VoIP phone voicemail. Jabber can be installed on Windows and MacOS computers (must have a microphone or headset), and Android and iOS devices. If you are interesting in using Jabber please contact the IT Help Desk. They will make sure you are configured to use Jabber and provide the appropriate install directions for your device.

Additionally, you can access your voicemail remotely and forward all incoming calls. Voicemail can be accessed by following the instructions in the Voicemail Quick Start Guide. Incoming calls to your UWO VoIP phone can be be forwarded to your home or mobile phone by following the instructions in the Quick Start Phone Guide.


General Access Lab Software

Links to download software available in general access computer labs can be found in this KB article.

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