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ARTICLE V. Senate Meetings.

Amended by Faculty Senate May 5, 2015

Faculty Senate Faculty Senate meetings are governed by the provisions of the Faculty Constitution, Article V, Sections 1-4; relevant portions of these bylaws; and by the parliamentary code.

Attendance: If a senator fails to attend at least 75% of the regularly scheduled meetings in a given academic year without being excused, the Senate President will request that the individual consider resigning from his/her/their seat. If no resignation is forthcoming, then the Faculty Senate Executive Committee may vote to consider removal of the senator and the individual will be removed by a majority vote of the Committee. If this happens, the president will appoint the next highest vote-getter from the most recent election in the appropriate category to fill the remainder of the term. If no one from the previous ballot is able to serve, the president may appoint any eligible faculty member in the appropriate category. Proxy or absentee voting is not allowed.


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