Academic Staff Personnel Materials (Handbook)

Academic Staff Introduction and Definitions

Introduction to Academic Staff (ACS 1.0–1.2)
Academic staff policy rules, definition of academic staff, conditions of academic staff appointments

Academic Staff Policy Amendment (ACS 1.3)
Procedure for the amendment of academic staff rules

Hiring and Appointments

Academic Staff Appointment Types (ACS 2.0-3)
Explanation of fixed-term academic staff appointments

Academic Staff Initial Hiring (ACS 3 and ACS 4)
Recruitment, appointment and orientation

Academic Staff Changes in Appointment (ACS 5)
Transfers and conversions


Evaluation of Instructional Academic Staff (ACS 6.0 and 6.1)
Evaluation of Professional Academic Staff (ACS 6.0 and ACS 6.2)


Academic Staff Contract Renewal (ACS 7)
Contract renewal, renewal schedule, notice provisions, leaves of absence, split assignments and proper notice of renewal and nonrenewal

Academic Staff Appeal of Contract Nonrenewal (ACS 8)
Rights, reasons, reconsideration and appeal procedure