Policy Process

Any individual may request a policy to be developed or revised by submitting the Policy Development or Revision form. (goes to Policy Process Designee)

Any unit head who desires to establish a rule affecting constituents outside their span of
authority, i.e. beyond their direct reporting lines or department, should consult with the
Policy Process Designee.

Determinations made by the Policy Process Designee may be appealed or discussed according to the process laid out in Policy #000.

Stage One: Discussion

Policies proposed for development or revision will be discussed by Leadership Council, who will determine if the issue needs review and who should be involved. 

Stage Two: Development

When a proposed policy development or revision is accepted into the Institutional Policy Management Process, a Policy Team will be formed to develop the policy or policy revision. Comprised of appropriate subject matter experts as recommended by Leadership Council, this Policy Team will then develop a reasonable draft to submit for feedback.

Stage Three: Feedback

When a reasonable policy draft has been approved for feedback, the policy draft will be published on the policy website where anyone may submit feedback on it. The Policy Team will meet with shared governance groups to solicit and incorporate further input.

Stage Four: Recommendation

Shared governance groups will formally vote to recommend to the Chancellor whether the policy final draft should be adopted as institutional policy, or not.

Stage Five: Decision

The Policy Process Designee shall submit the final policy draft and Recommendation voting results to the Chancellor, who will inform Leadership Council of the final decision before the policy is published.