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FAC 4.B.3. Notice Periods.


(1)   A faculty member who is employed on a probationary appointment pursuant to section 36.13, Wis. Stats., shall be given written notice of reappointment or nonreappointment for another academic year in advance of the expiration of his/her current appointment as follows:

(a)   When the appointment expires at the end of an academic year, not later than March 1 of the first academic year and not later than December 15 of the second consecutive academic year of service;

(b)   If the initial appointment expires during an academic year, at least three months prior to its expiration; if a second consecutive appointment terminates during the academic year, at least six months prior to its expiration;

(c)   After two or more years of continuous service at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, such notice shall be given at least twelve months before the expiration of the appointment.

(2)   Proper Notice. Notice shall be given by sending duplicate copies of letters to the faculty member’s University office as well as his or her last known home address (as on file with the Human Resources Office). If the original letter of appointment stated that the contract was terminal and specified an ending date, no additional letter of non-reappointment is required.

(3)   Failure to Provide Notice. If proper notice is not given in accordance with this section, the aggrieved faculty member shall be entitled to a one-year terminal appointment. Such appointments, however, shall not result in achievement of tenure.

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