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The Department of Criminal Justice is home to the Criminal Justice Major, and is housed on the 4th floor of Clow Faculty.

Students who pursue this major can earn either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice.

There are two available tracks leading to these degrees:

  • a traditional on-campus track, and
  • an online track that has been designed for non-traditional students who have previously earned an Associate Degree from an accredited university or college, or have current career related experience within criminal justice (the online major is scheduled to begin Fall Semester 2014).

When admitted to the Department as a Criminal Justice Major, students must select the track they wish to follow.  These are separate majors, and students can only follow one of these tracks.


The Criminal Justice Faculty

The traditional and online major are supported by a faculty of Professors with Ph. D.'s in Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Sociology.  These full-time faculty members:

  • have active research agendas in criminal justice and criminology,
  • present research at national criminal justice and criminology conferences (sometimes with criminal justice majors),
  • publish in social scientific journals (also, at times, with criminal justice majors),
  • and teach courses related to their specializations.

Furthermore, the department is supported by excellent Adjunct Professors who have J.D.'s, M.A.'s, M.S.'s, and years of career experience in a variety of criminal justice fields.


The Criminal Justice Staff

The Department of Criminal Justice is also staffed by our excellent Administrative Associate, Jenny Davies, and our Student Staff Assistants.  They can help Criminal Justice Students with a variety of tasks, including registering for CJ classes.  If you have questions, contact the criminal justice staff.  They will be happy to help.


The Focus and Emphases of the Criminal Justice Major

Both the traditional and online track are academically oriented, and provide a Liberal Arts Baccalaureate Education that emphasizes:

  • writing and critical thinking skills,
  • a theoretical understanding of crime and the criminal justice system's response to crime,
  • data analysis,
  • policy formulation and policy analysis, and
  • the legal, ethical, administrative, and behavioral aspects of the criminal justice system and its various parts.

If interested in pursuing the "traditional track" or if you have general questions about the on-campus Criminal Justice major, contact:

  • Dr. David Jones, Chair of the Criminal Justice Department
  • Email:
  • Department of Criminal Justice Phone: 920-424-3230.
  • Clow Faculty, 4th Floor

If interested in pursuing the "online track" contact:

  • Dr. Victoria Beck
  • Phone: 920-424-7094
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Clow Faculty 406


Registering for On-Campus and Online Criminal Justice Courses

Once admitted as a criminal justice major following the traditional on-campus track, how do I register for on-campus Criminal Justice Courses?

Once admitted as a criminal justice major following the online track, how do I register for online criminal justice courses? [currently, this link is not available; please bear with us as we formalize the newly arriving online criminal justice major; check back regularly for updates]

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