Earth: Dynamic Planet, Geology 102, Fall 2022

Afternoon Lecture (Section B09C): All the cool people...


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photo of kangaroo in South Australia

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Is a university degree really worth it? See this video by John Green, author of "The fault in our stars".

Here is an interesting web site with good tips on how to study more effectively. This page has specific techniques that might help.

Here's one of several good videos about how to study from Socratica

Also, you may also want to re-evaluate how you take notes.  See this study also.



Earth's climate: a geologic perspective.

Long-term Geosphere-Biosphere evolution diagram

Information about Climate Change

How do we know humans are impacting climate?

See air pollution and atmospheric circulation in real time here.

Here is a list of resources to review math and other awesome topics!


Business and the economy: The World Bank released a statement about climate change and its affect on the global economy.