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Academic Year 2014-15

Enhancing Sustainable Transportation on Campus by Matt Kaelin

Amount Requested: $10,500.00 USD

Status: fully funded, complete

"What we are proposing: To enhance the bicycle culture on campus(a positive step in the campus plan to become carbon neutral), which would spread to an increased  biking culture throughout the community (contributing to a part of the city of Oshkosh’s plan to promote alternative methods of transportation)."

Read the full proposal.


16 bikes purchased: 8 single speed mountain bikes, 2 geared road bikes, 2 bikes with fat snow/sand tires to be used as daily/hourly rentals, 4 mountain bikes to be used on trips

Bikes at SRWC
The two repair stations have been placed near Reeve Union and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
Fixit @ SWRCFixit @ ReeveStudent using Fixit


Permaculture Demonstration Site, Outdoor Classroom, and Greenhouse by Coty Sorby

Amount Requested: $12,000.00 USD

Status: partially funded ($8,000.00 USD); permaculture approved & in planning stages; outdoor classroom and greenhouse need additional brainstorming and stakeholder input

"The Permaculture demonstration site, outdoor classroom & greenhouse involves transforming current green-space on campus into a dynamic, ecologically, and academically meaningful, as well as, highly edible landscape...Permaculture is essentially a combination of ecological design & science applied to edible landscaping. It is a framework intended to give any person or community the tools needed to sustainably develop food and natural medicine production, species habitat, zones of relaxation, pleasing aesthetics, all while continuously receiving annual surpluses that grow over time, while maintenance invariably decreases over time to little or nothing other than harvesting and minor pruning...This site, over time, will become an edible food forest. With proper signage, pathways, mulch, stone, and fencing, this site will draw students, staff, faculty, and visitors into its aesthetically pleasing design. It will function as a unique “place”, with seating, a park-like atmosphere, and a vivid display of how to design sustainable, beautiful, and productive landscapes in urban environments. Innumerable teaching moments for professors exist in this kind of environment – a living laboratory."

Read the full proposal.


Facilities Management and the Sustainability Office have met and toured possible locations.  Areas around The Oviatt House have been designated for the permaculture installations and plans are being drawn up for installation in spring of 2017.

Plastic Film Baler by Cassy Hemmen

Amount Requested: $2,000.00 USD

Status: not funded; application needs more detail

"The purchase of a plastic film baler would decrease waste on campus and allow UWO to be a drop-off location for plastic film, in order for the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to then recycle the film to be reused."


While this project still has not been funded, UWO has participated in the Trex Recycling Challenge for plastic film instead. In 2015-16 we won the contest and earned an outdoor bench made of recycled plastic. We plan to continue participating in the challenge ever year. See our waste reduction page for more info.

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