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Titans are investing in a better future for the earth.

With a deep sense of responsibility and the increasingly common vision of resilient communities, UW Oshkosh is committed to progressively reducing its ecological footprint and supporting a durable and better world through its academic mission. Sustainability means integrating three dimensions: social justice, economic security and ecological integrity into all we do.

Academic Programs

Sustainable Management Minor

The Sustainable Management minor focuses on environmental, social and economic issues in sustainability. Learn more about the Sustainable Management minor.

Sustainable Management Online Master's Degree

Students can earn a 100% online master’s degree in sustainable management through a UW System partnership. Learn more about the online sustainable management master’s program.

Campus Resources

Campus Sustainability Office

The CSO manages on-campus sustainability: tours, facilities, reporting, recycling and more! Learn more about the Campus Sustainability Office.

Biogas Systems

UW Oshkosh and partners have constructed groundbreaking biogas systems on and off campus. Learn more about the UW Oshkosh Biogas Systems.

Community Resources

Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations (SIRT)

SIRT helps connect you to our sustainability efforts. SIRT is home to over 80 faculty and staff helping us communicate, understand and practice sustainability. Learn more about the Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations.

Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE)

Organizations can work with the CSE to enhance and energize their focus on sustainable programs and research. Learn more about the Center for Sustainable Enterprise.

Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC)

The ERIC is a research and testing center that performs customized projects for local industries. Learn more about the Environmental Research and Innovation Center.