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UWO Green Fund (now accepting proposals!)

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's Green Fund webpage – application, guidelines, and everything you need to create green and sustainable projects at UWO. Furthering our commitment to excellence in higher education through leadership in sustainability and ecological consciousness.

The Green Fund is a student generated fund using student money for student projects. Empowerment of the student body to engage in sustainability is the number one priority.


Sustainability is about becoming a healing force for the world through a multitude of techniques – innovation and traditional knowledge, while looking to nature as a source of how to exist coexist with other species in perpetuity. This is no small task, and requires of us bold thinking and the ability to show others different ways of viewing old problems.

The Green Fund at UWO is funded by segregated fees and built and run by the Oshkosh Student Association (OSA) student senate.

$60,000 or a little less than three dollars per student per semester (based on full term enrollment (FTE)) will be pooled in order to provide opportunities for students to create a legacy of sustainability on campus. This can be accomplished through building infrastructure, upgrading and efficiency, educational campaigns, innovation and technology pursuits, speaker series, and much much more. The Green Fund is meant to empower students with the financial means to use their education and knowledge to be bold and strive to be champions in sustainability.

The links below provide you with everything you need to get started. You can submit individual or group projects. Just follow the directions below or contact the student sustainability director in the sustainability office via email, phone, or walk-in at our location in the Oviatt House (2nd floor) during normal business hours. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are always welcomed.

***Documents Below Should Be Read Prior To Submitting A Proposal***

Process Guideline

Application Document (required)

Scoring Rubric

Sample Project Ideas

GF Bylaws

Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM)

Frequently Asked Questions (waiting for more questions!)

Contact Information

(Green Action Fund at UCCS out of Colorado Springs – An example of a similar Green Fund in action)

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