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Objective: To continue supporting our successes in academics through faculty development focused on teaching sustainability and conducting sustainability-focused research.


Legitimize sustainability research and build faculty interest, capacity, and participation

  • Hold NSF-type workshops to include:
    • participatory (include stakeholders)
    • trans-disciplinary
    • knowledge-to-action
  • Begin regular sustainability seminar series (bringing in outside speakers) focused on cutting edge research in sustainability
  • Provide incentives for faculty to do sustainability research
    • Work with Faculty Development to provide special funds/incentives for people submitting proposals for sustainability research. Perhaps modeled after the External Grants Expansion Program, where faculty get a chunk of money to help them develop a proposal that will be submitted to a large external funder (e.g., NSF)?
  • Develop collaborative faculty-student research programs focused on sustainability
  • Work with new initiatives (e.g., REI, Veissmann partnership) to provide funding or other support for sustainability research by our faculty
  • Apply for NSF funding or other external grants to support institutional sustainability research
by Spanbauer, Bradley R last modified Apr 17, 2014 03:07 PM

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