Installing and Using the Hyperbolic scripts in Geometer's Sketchpad version 3

Looking for dynamic geometry tools to perform constructions in hyperbolic geometry was a project I began considering in summer 2000.  Already at that time, many others had developed such tools for some models of hyperbolic geometry.  In fact, it was Mike Alexander and Bill Finzer's ten tools for constructions in the  Poincaré disk which provided the inspiration for creating tools for the Klein disk and for completing a set of tools for the Poincaré half-plane.  Please see the links for a proper acknowledgement of those whom I know worked on projects like this one before me.

I developed the tools described here using Geometer's Sketchpad version 3.   Key Curriculum Press released version 4 of Sketchpad in 2001.  This newer version of Sketchpad accesses and utilizes script tools in a substantially different way from version 3.  Therefore, I wanted to keep the version 3 tools available for those who do not have version 4 available.  On this page, you can find

Klein Model Tools

If you have any questions or find any errors on this page or in my tools, please notify me at Thanks!