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Spring 2018 Schedule

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Here is a link to additional resources to review, grammar, math, and the sciences.

Lab Schedule:

  Topic and Assignment in Lab Manual:
Jan. 31 Labs do not meet!
Feb. 7 A1: Minerals; Properties of Minerals (read p. 1-9)
Feb. 14

A2: Rocks (read p. 11-21)

Feb. 21

Exam 1; C1 Construction of Contour Maps (read p. 47-45); Here is a site with a good explanation of contour lines

Feb. 28 C2 Topographic Maps, (read p. 51-63); Here is a link to a nice explanation of topographic maps; Here is a summary of Township and Range coordinates. Here is one for the township and range system, and one for Wisconsin
March 7 C3 Environmental Geology Maps including flood hazard maps (read p. 65-70)
March 14 Exam 2: Maps (C1, C2, C3); Lab: B1 Sediment Identification and Properties (read p. 23-31 before lab)
March 21

Spring Break March 19-25

March 28 B2: Agricultural Soils (read p. 33-46 before lab)
April 4 D1: Stream Processes & D2 Aquifer Properties and Groundwater (read p. 71-74 and 75-83 before lab)
April 11 Exam 3 (Sediment & Soils (B1, B2), Streams (D1) & Groundwater (D2)); Lab: E1 Introduction to Water Quality & Fox River Sampling (read p. 85-91)
April 18 E2 Water Chemistry (read p. 93-104 before lab)
April 25 Field Trip
May 2 Exam 4 (Water Quality (E1,E2) & Field trip )
May 9 LABS DO NOT MEET -- focus on lecture exams!


Eric Hiatt Section 5 Harrington 315 424-7001 hiatt@uwosh.edu
Tim Paulsen Section 2 Harrington 306 424-7002 paulsen@uwosh.edu
Maureen Muldoon Sections 1, 3, 4 Harrington 104 424-4461 muldoon@uwosh.edu


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EH = Eric Hiatt

TP = Tim Paulsen

MM = Maureen Muldoon


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