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Maureen A. Muldoon

Associate Professor
Hydrogeology & Environmental Geology 
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(920) 424-4461

Courses Taught:
Course Number Course Name Next Taught
51-150 Environmental Geology Spring 2013
51-360 Spring Field Trip
Spring 2015
51-365 Physical Hydrogeology Fall 2013
51-366 Chemical Hydrogeology Spring 2014
51-370 & 371 Hydro Field Methods
87-008 PBIS ?
37-395 Env Studies Belize Trip Jan 2015

Fall '12 Class and Office Hour Schedule:
Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Class Prep

  Class Prep Research Class Prep
9:10 EnvGeo Lect   EnvGeo Lect Research EnvGeo Lect
10:20 Office Hour Class Prep Office Hour Research Office Hour
11:30 Office Hour Class Prep Office Hour Research Office Hour
12:40 Faculty Mtg EnvGeo Lab2 EnvGeo Lab4 Research Research
1:50 Class Prep EnvGeo Lab2 EnvGeo Lab4 EnvGeo Lab8 Research
3:00 EnvGeo Lab1 Sustainability EnvGeo Lab5 EnvGeo Lab8 Research
4:10 EnvGeo Lab1 Council EnvGeo Lab5 GeoClub  
6:00   EnvGeo Lab      
7:00   EnvGeo Lab      


Ph.D.  Hydrogeologic Characterization of the Silurian Dolomite in Door County, Wisconsin, at Regional and Site-specific Scales: Comparison of Continuum and Discrete-Fracture Approaches (May 1999; Advisor: Mary P. Anderson) University of Wisconsin Madison

M.S.  Hydrogeologic and Geotechnical Properties of Pre-Late Wisconsin Till Units in Western Marathon County, Wisconsin (1987, Advisor: Dave Mickelson) University of Wisconsin Madison

A.B.: Senior Thesis: Paleoclimatic Analysis of the Clarno Nut Beds (1983, Advisors: Hal Levin and Steve Manchester) Washington University

American Society of Testing and Materials Standards Development Award for Standard D5717-95Standard Guide for Design of Ground-Water Monitoring Systems in Karst and Fractured-Rock Aquifers (Jan. 1997)

Outstanding Student Paper Award, Autumn meeting of the American Geophysical Union (December 1995)

University of Wisconsin Professional Development Award (1991)

Professional Experience:
2004 - present, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geology, UW-Oshkosh
1998 - 2004, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geology, UW-Oshkosh
1987 - 1998, Hydrologist, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
1985-1987, Research Assistant, Water Resources Center, University of Wisconsin
Summer 1983, Field Assistant (mapping of Precambrian metasediments in the Northwest Territories)
1981-1983, Research Assistant (mid-oceanic ridge basalts), Washington University
Summers 1978-1982, Field Assistant (NSF/SST paleobotany research team) OMSI Hancock Field Station

Research Interests:
My main research interests include the investigation of groundwater quality and flow in carbonate rocks, relationship between carbonate stratigraphy and hydraulic properties, hydrogeology of Pleistocene deposits, land-use impacts on groundwater quality, and delineation of wellhead protection zones in fractured rock.
Maureen Muldoon ("Miss March"), using WGNHS drill rig to install corehole at her PhD. research site in Door County Wisconsin.  Photo from the 1998 Women in Trades & Technology calendar.
Recent Projects
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Other Activities:
Odessey, Conversation with Faculty as part of New Student Orientation
Science Olympiad
Campus Sustainability Council
Earth Charter Community Summit

Geological Society of America, North Central Section Representative to Hydrogeology Division
Chair Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Research Group (3/01 - 3/02), SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)

North East Wisconsin Karst Task Force, final report released February 2007
City of Oshkosh Stormwater Utility Board
Research and Groundwater Quantity Subcommittees, Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council
Wisconsin DNR's Arsenic Advisory Group (9/99 - 3/01)

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