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Iconometer is a serial artist’s book. I started this project because I wanted to output ideas and experiments while I was working on larger works, like prints and installations. I use it to explore concept and form on an intimate scale, investigating a small part of a larger work or combining disparate elements to create independent pieces. The content has evolved to include travel narratives, collecting and personal anecdotes.

Digital technology is used in many issues but drawing and assemblage are equally important. Most often the issues are produced using xerography but I have also printed them in letterpress, silk-screen, ditto and rubber stamp. I’ve created some issues using found objects such as books, stickers, newspaper ads and graph paper.

Since starting the project in 1995, I have sold the book to subscribers in the United States, Canada and Australia. Iconometer has also been collected by libraries in Iowa, Wisconsin and Toronto and exhibited in Newfoundland, Missouri, Nevada, Arkansas and the United Kingdom.

It’s a forum where I can reveal my work and experiment with my art. With gallery audiences, or subscribers opening the mail, I want the reaction to be immediate—for the reader to grab the book, open it up and get into it. The individual issues are unique but as a group, they have become a collective document about my life and work as an artist.