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Iconometer is a serial book project that I began in 1995 and distribute primarily through a subscription program. Comparable to both the genres of artists’ books and zines, this project documents my art, life and interests. The following text provides an overview of the publication. Details of each issue are listed on the images pages.

A letter-size, 8.5" x 11" sheet was folded into quarters, stapled into the cover and trimmed to produce an eight-page booklet. To accommodate printing registration and document bleed, the final dimensions evolved from 4.25" tall by 4" wide, to 4.125" tall by 4" wide.

Each cover featured the Iconometer masthead, printed by Xerox on frosted Mylar. Until 1998, the year was printed on the back cover but because of my production method, by which I produced additional copies of an issue when necessary, the date did not always reflect the year of the issue’s first release.

Edition sizes varied from open editions, in which more issues were Xeroxed as needed, to editions limited by specific materials or production methods. Limited editions ranged from 60-200 copies. Issues were initially sold at a dollar per issue, with the price of the back issues determined by the age and rarity of the book. Prices were set to cover the production costs of the issues so that the project would be self-funding.

I began Iconometer as an outlet to explore my artistic ideas and projects. The issues combined text and imagery from installation, print and book projects and evolved to include travel narratives, personal anecdotes, appropriated content and found objects. I used a wide range of media for Iconometer, including: Xerox, letterpress, serigraphy, offset lithography, ink jet, and spirit-master duplication (ditto). Issues have contained found materials, folded paper, altered books, drawing and collage. I have used both traditional and digital tools to produce the content of Iconometer. Numbers one to eleven incorporated a rubber stamp element that was either found or hand carved. Each copy was stamped with an issue number and signed in pencil.

I have mailed Iconometer to subscribers in Canada, the United States, Australia and Turkey. Iconometer has been exhibited in Canada, the US, and Great Britain, as well as being entered into several institutional collections.

The recent exhibition of Iconometer at the Third Space Book Arts Gallery presented all thirty-five issues of Iconometer, in addition to ten 20x30” panels, printed by ink jet and mounted on foam core board. These panels played with the themes and content of Iconometer and were informally titled, How to Read a Book; Boxes; Make Offer; Portrait of the Artist; Sistine Fists; 150 Thumbnails; Cells and Capillaries; The Tower; The Heart and the Hand; Radiation.