Typography One
Fall 2018


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Project Four: What Is Graphic Design? Microsoft Word File

Shaping the Page

Diggin' It: The Buried Treasures of Typography

Typographic Primer

Type Fundamentals

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This course is concerned with the arrangement and manipulation of letterforms within the context of graphic design. Typography is a subject with a long history and tradition, for its documentation is rooted in the chronicle of our written language. Letters have evolved over the millennia to form the visual language that concerns the subject today. In graphic communications, careful arrangement and manipulation of type is essential to the success of graphic solutions.

You will study typography both as a methodology and history. We will consider both the subject’s strong tradition and legacy of experimentation. Projects address mechanics and proportion, as well as the relationship of text to image. You will work with type—learn its form and shape, history and classification.

Of particular importance is the role of letterforms as essential tools of communication. This role may be transparent, focusing attention on the content in the words. It may supplement and clarify the reading, allowing the construction of additional messages to be carried through the form and the style.

This course will explore typographic issues through projects, research, discussion, lectures and critiques, with the goal that this knowledge will be incorporated into future visual communication.