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Students are signing up, and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty and staff are encouraged to do the same.

A new and improved vendor is in place for the UW Oshkosh TitanAlert system – the text-messaging alert system used to communicate inclement and severe weather warnings and campus emergencies to your mobile phones. And it’s easier than ever for students, faculty and staff to sign up for the text alerts.

Faculty and staff can follow a few, simple steps to verify and register new phone numbers, ensuring they receive TitanAlert messages at a phone number of their choosing:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for “University of Wisconsin Oshkosh” to select the University’s login page.
  3. Sign in using your NetID username and password to reveal your TitanAlert registered email and mobile phones.
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Select the “Add” button under Mobile Phones and enter the 10-digit mobile number(s) for the phone to receive text messages; confirm your carrier.
  6. Confirm your mobile phone number by entering the validation code (received via text message).
  7. Questions? Visit the TitanAlert page for FAQs.


University public safety officials and administrators have also refined and improved the guidelines for when we issue TitanAlert messages to users.

Alerts will be issued in the event of – but are not limited to — severe weather warnings or campus emergencies that have the most direct impact on UW Oshkosh classes and operations. This includes events such as tornado watches and warnings, thunderstorm warnings, blizzards and other specific threats to the campus, to schedules, to safe travel and to the wellbeing of students, faculty, staff and guests.

No longer will University leaders send out text alerts when the National Weather Service issues “thunderstorm watches” and “winter storm watches.” Modern weather radar tracking of storms and increased coordination between the Winnebago County Office of Emergency Management have helped public safety officials better understand when severe weather specifically threatens the UW Oshkosh campus community.

“We understand that our students, faculty and staff are often bombarded with all kinds of communications as they focus on their studies and their work,” University Chief of Police Joe LeMire said. “We want to be sure we use the TitanAlert system to convey the most important and immediate emergency information that truly impacts the campus community’s schedules, campus operations and everyone’s safety.”

Learn more and sign up: