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Is an online degree program right for you?

Online courses aren’t taught at a specific time or day each week. Instead, students log in when they have time to check class announcements, materials and assignments.

Flexibility is a top reason students choose our programs. But, how do you know if it’s right for you?

To find out if online learning is for you, ask yourself if you…

  • Are a self-motivated and organized person who can find time to study each week
  • Enjoy studying alone
  • Will take responsibility for communicating with your instructors online
  • Have strong reading and writing skills (Most online courses are in a written format.)
  • Know how to use a computer for word-processing and Internet searches

If you answered yes (or at least usually!) to these questions, an online program could be right for you!

Know what you're in for with an online course.

Students in online courses spend as much or more time studying as those who take courses on-campus. In online classes, you will have individual assignments, group projects and exams. 

We recommend logging in to check on your online course at least once a day. Some days you’ll quickly log on and off. Other days, you will have announcements and other course materials to review.

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John Gijsen

John Gijsen

Lean Facilitator at ThedaCare

“My adviser did more for me than any other adviser at any other college.”

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