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Last minute reminders

With only 4 days left until commencement, here are a few last minute reminders and links to information regarding the ceremony.

Recap of Information for Commencement Day:

1) Please arrive forty-five minutes prior to your ceremony.

2) Bring your cap, gown and tassel (and hood if you are a graduate student) with you to Kolf Sports Center.

3) There will be maps on the doors when you arrive to remind you of which room to report to.

When you arrive to Kolf:
4) Please leave your personal items (including coats and purses) with your family and friends. Family and friends should then go to the upper level of Kolf.

5) Bring your academic attire with you to your college's (LLCE, COB, COEHS, COLS, CON and Graduate Studies and DNP degrees) registration area in the lower level of Kolf.

6). Check in and receive your name card. Students may make phonetic markings on their cards (for our announcers). If you are receiving University Honors (cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude) or College Honors you will receive your FREE honor cord while registering.

7) If you are a graduate student, a brief meeting will take place thirty minutes prior to the ceremony. This meeting will prepare you with the details regarding how you will be hooded on stage.

8). Line up with a partner (you may choose a partner, within your college, to walk with in the processional and sit with during the ceremony). If you do not have a partner, our ushers will help you find a partner to walk alongside during the processional.

9). Follow the commencement staff that will lead you into the upper gym at the appropriate time where a formal processional will take place. You will be ushered to your appropriate seat.

10. Our staff will guide you to the stage at the appropriate time to receive your degree. Photos will be taken of you as you enter the stage, as you receive the diploma cover and after you receive the diploma cover.

Please plan to meet your guests in the lower level of Kolf after the ceremony.

Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

Executive Events Coordinator
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh, WI 54901

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