Erik Krohn

Department of Computer Science
University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

My main research area is computational geometry. I am particularly interested in art gallery and terrain guarding problems. I am also interested in other algorithmic areas, compilers and programming languages. My advisor was Professor Kasturi Varadarajan.


A list of my publications can be found on the DBLP website here. Most papers should be available online. If you can not find a copy and wish to get one, please e-mail me.


1. Surveilling Roads and Protecting Art. Ph.D. Thesis. November, 2009.
2. The Complexity of Guarding Terrains. with James King. July, 2009.
3. Quasi-Polynomial Time Approximation Schemes for Target Tracking. With Matt Gibson, Gaurav Kanade and Kasturi Varadarajan.
4. Survey of Terrain Guarding and Art Gallery Problems. Comprehensive Exam Paper. November, 2007.
5. On Clustering to Minimize the Sum of Radii. With Matt Gibson, Gaurav Kanade, Imran Pirwani, and Kasturi Varadarajan. Manuscript, 2007.
6. Automating Compiler Code Generation. Qualifying Exam Paper. September, 2005.

Research Assistantships (all with Prof Varadarajan)

1. Fall 07 - Computational Geometry Research (terrain guarding, art gallery)
2. Summer 07 - Computational Geometry Research (clustering, terrain guarding, art gallery problems)
3. Spring 07 - Computational Geometry Research

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