Welcome to the Math 104 Home Page

Course College Algebra
Semester Spring 2018
Professor Joan Hart

The syllabus is available on our Department web site.

Free tutors are available in the math tutor lab, Swart 113.
For a free private tutor, see the Center for Academic Resources.

The login site for our on-line problem sets is at WeBWorK .
For more on WeBWorK, see the MAA WeBWorK student information site.

Maple is available on the campus lab pcs. If you want to know more about Maple, check out Maple's web site.

A TI-84 Plus manual is available on the web at TI-84 Plus Guidebook.
A TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition manual is available on the web at TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Guidebook.

Homework Exercises: Click here for a current list of exercises (in pdf format),
or here for a list of exercises (in pdf format) for weeks 1--7.

MAA article for people who are Bad at math

On studying
One who studied using index cards: Dr. Paul Farmer

Web sites related to useful facts: