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Virtual Manipulatives

These sites contain excellent resources to develop within the student the ability to visualize, conceptualize, reason, and problem solve.

Addition Practice Concepts

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

Ambleside Primary School


Educational Development Center in Maine: GeoGebra Applets

Freerice Fact Practice Site

Johnnie's Math Page - Math games and activities for several math areas

Khan Academy - Math resource videos to teach almost every subject K-12

Kids Connect

Math Games (some made by students)

Math Face Cafe

Math Games and Quizzes

Mean, Medium, Mode

MISTM: Maine's Impact Study of Technology in Math

Mortgage Calculator

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

NCTM Illuminations Online Activities

Oswego School District Mathematics Resources

Project Interactives

Teaching Middle and High School Number Concepts

Ten Frame Website