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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's Campus for Awareness & Relationship Education (CARE) is leading a campaign titled #rapeisnotajoke. The purpose of this campaign is to end the misuse of the word rape.

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The purpose of this campaign is to end the misuse of the word rape. Phrases such as "That exam just raped me" and "The wind just raped my hair" are common examples of this misuse heard on campus each day. The word rape is not one to be joked about, but one to be taken seriously.

On Wednesday, April 29th student volunteers will wear teal headbands and bandanas to represent the 250  UWO students* estimated to be assaulted each year. They will also be passing out information on how to end the use of the word 'rape' as a metaphor.

The day will culminate with an event at 7:00PM in Reeve Theater will include insight on how important ending this word is, survivor stories and how you play a role in this effort.

Read more about UWO student Angela's experiences with the word rape in her blog.

Feel free to print the event posters here:

Awareness Poster

Event Poster

*Estimate based on the National College Women Sexual Victimization Study (2000) and the UWO female enrollment in 2010-2011 school year.  Colleges and Universities can estimate that 35.5 per 1,000 women enrolled in college will be sexually assaulted each school year.  In 2010 UWO had 7,900 women enrolled.  In 2014 8,200 women are enrolled.

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