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English 100 Writing Mentor Meetings

Writing mentor meetings are are a required part of English 100. These weekly meetings in the Writing Center act as a supplement to the course. Your mentor will work with you throughout the semester to help you improve your writing skills and become more familiar with the expectations for college writing. Writing mentors are experienced Writing Center staff members who are selected for their writing skill and desire to help others become better writers.

How to Set Up Your First Writing Mentor Meeting

English 100 is a total of three credits (two credits for the lecture and one credit for the lab). The lab section of your English 100 course is a weekly meeting with your writing mentor in the Writing Center. During your first class period, you will log in to choose an appointment time when you’ll meet with your writing mentor each week.

Your first meeting will be between January 31st and February 2nd. To set up your first appointment, please click here to select an appointment time (sign in using your email) that works for you every week for the rest of the semester. Appointment days and times are limited, so PLEASE SELECT ONLY ONE TIME. Please contact the Writing Center at if you have any questions about your appointment time.

What should I bring?

You should come with some writing goals in mind and with an idea of what you would like to accomplish during the session. You should have an idea of what you would like to work on that day (an assignment, something you didn’t understand from class, etc.). There will be a computer available in the Writing Center that you can work on with your mentor.

What do we do for 50 minutes?

Goal Setting: A session begins with a brief goal-setting activity with your writing mentor that allows you and the mentor to negotiate what will be accomplished that day. You should come with an idea of what you would like to accomplish during the session.

Assignments: Your mentor will work alongside you to help you make sure you’re on the right track to complete assignments. This could be anything from starting the assignment or reviewing and revising it to improve it before you turn it in.

Lessons: Your mentor might provide short lessons focused on a specific writing challenge that you have questions about. These lessons occasionally might focus on a technique your professor has recommended for you personally or for the whole class at that time.

How does the meeting count toward my grade?

After each meeting, you will be required to turn in a one-page Writing Mentor Reflection (you can find these requirements on your syllabus or class D2L page). Your professor will be notified if you miss an appointment, and you will be unable to receive credit for the mentor meeting that week.

What if I can’t make it to the appointment?

You’re required to attend your writing mentor sessions each week at the time you select at the beginning of the semester. If you do not attend, it will count as an absence, and you will lose the points for the session. Just as you cannot cancel or make up a missed class period, you also cannot cancel or make up your writing mentor appointment. If you need to change your weekly meeting time with your writing mentor or need to change your mentor, please contact Dr. Crystal Mueller, the Writing Center director at