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For Instructors

  • If you would like, a staff member can visit your class to talk about the Writing Center.
  • If you prefer to talk about the Writing Center yourself, we can send you bookmarks to remind students about us.

Click here to request a class visit!

About the Writing Center

The Writing Center aims to help make better writers, not better papers. We provide writers with feedback and suggestions and coach writers in learning to edit and proofread their work. We can help brainstorm ideas, provide feedback on drafts, and other aspects of writing.

Sessions last up to 50 minutes, so multiple sessions may be necessary for us to address all of the areas of concern or to get through a long paper.

Who We Work With

  • graduate, undergraduate, and special students
  • students from any academic discipline
  • students with learning differences
  • English Language Learners

Thank you for helping to spread the word about the Writing Center by encouraging your students to visit! Instructor recommendation is one of the most popular reasons writers come to see us.

Making Writing Center Appointments

Requiring Students to Use the Writing Center

Encourage students to visit the Writing Center, but please do not require visits. Students are more likely to learn and to accept help when they visit of their own accord. Also, the Writing Center will not have enough appointments available for other students if an entire class is visiting during a particular period.

Deadline Extensions or Extra Credit for Visiting the Writing Center

Sometimes, instructors offer students extra credit or a deadline extension to visit the Writing Center. This is usually accompanied by a short goal/reflection assignment discussing the visit and any changes they will consider/make as a result of their visit. If you do this, please make sure they have a clear understanding of what the Writing Center does before their visit.

Instructors will be notified of an appointment at a student’s request.

There are some courses and departments that make special arrangements to require students to use the Writing Center. If you would like to make such arrangements, please contact the Writing Center director, Dr. Crystal Mueller.

Please email Dr. Crystal Mueller with any concerns or questions.