International Women’s Day Hangout

“I attended the international women’s activist panel that took place in early March where feminist activists from around the globe were able to interact with the UW Students via the web with a live chat session. It was really an incredible and unique experience for me and helped greatly to broaden my knowledge on the matter as well as create an extreme interest. I find it truly amazing that the women’s center was able to sponsor and host such an event and bring conversations, ideas, and global viewpoint into one room. Really looking forward to future events and exploring more of what the Women’s Center has to offer.”

Dr Charlotte Cooper is a counsellor, researcher, consultant, author, publisher and DIY cultural worker. Her publications include Fat and Proud: The Politics of Size (1998) and an award-winning novel, Cherry (2002). She performs in the queercore band Homosexual Death Drive and blogs about fat at Obesity Timebomb. More information is available at

Evangeline Tsao is a research student at Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York, under the supervision of Dr. Ann Kaloski-Naylor. She received her master’s degree in women’s studies at University of York in 2012; and her MA project used photography as a method in investigating women’s clothing and identity. Her current research explores how female participants express their sexual desire by using auto-photography alongside journaling and semi-structured interview. She has particular interests in photography, sexuality, gender studies and cultural activism.

Rosemary Lucy Hill is a research student in the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of York. Her research focuses on women hard rock and heavy metal fans’ experiences of fandom and community, and she has contributed articles on the ideology of metal and the moral panic around emo to the Journal for Cultural Research and the Music, Metal and Politics series, and on the topic of subcultural theory to the BBC Radio 4 discussion programme Thinking Allowed. She is a founding member of rock bands Bouvier and Fake Tan. She is planning a prog album.

Laura Sonia